Thursday, October 4, 2012

My First Hater!!

Whoop! Whoop!  although this seems like a weird thing to be happy about, i'm absolutely stoked!! like... i feel like my blog is getting more exposure than just the people i know right now!!  yay!!

i wanna start off by saying i LOVE my followers to death!! and thanks so much for all the nice comments. it really makes me feel good when people compliment me so nicely. not just about my pictures but about the things i write about and how i write them.

this comment was my first not nice one.

Cutest lil nipples ha ha ha yea rite all you need is some syrup for those pancakes and a fat boy would be filled all week and not to be mean but your outfit is ugly don't you make good money I can tell you don't have style but u can hire someone to pick out your cloths! And I will never know why my seventeen yr old step son looks at this page it's all complaining and the only skin you show are those balloons and by the time you get to my age no one is going to want to see them so do your self a favor and get a caree bc selling your ass isn't going to have a ss check at the end when your All dried up 

i've decided to respond to this because this person (who doesn't like what i do) seems to dedicate time to me. i think it's fair that i dedicate some time back. in a purely factual way, of course.

1. i will refer to you as anonymous seeing as you don't want to put yourself out there in the manor i do. i'm also not sure if you are male or female. probably female since you bash me. there's not a man in the world that would spend this much effort on someone who does not matter to them.
2. i agree. i do not have little nips. but i wouldn't exactly classify my boobs as pancakes. that would require them to be flat. (like a pancake). however, i'm sure plenty of people would enjoy licking syrup off them for a week regardless of their shape.
3. if you need to start a sentence with "not to be mean" you're kinda contradicting yourself right off the bat. it's okay that you don't like my outfit... if we all dressed the same the world would be boring.
4. i seriously doubt it would be financially responsible to hire a stylist on a dry cleaners salary. i think you think i'm a dancer or into porn of some sort. i am not. 
5. are you sure it's your step-son and not your husband? either way they both are welcomed on my blog. 
6. i suppose you can say i complain a lot but it's about real life situations that people can relate to.  i prefer to call them rants that other people can identify with. everyone needs someone sometimes right? i'm all about making people feel like they are part of something.
7. balloons? i thought they were pancakes? stay consistent here, you're send mixed signals. also, yes! you are right i mostly just show my boobs. i'm not sure if you're complaining that i'm not showing more or try to insult me for showing them at all? please be more specific.
8. i'm not sure what your age is but by the time i get there i'll have had my boobs replaced with new ones and they will be looking just as chipper as they do now. enhancing my body for my benefit has never been an issue for me. showing it off is something i do because i can for now. i'm not disillusioned and ignorant to the fact that looks don't last forever. i do believe if you got it, flaunt it! selling my ass has never been an option for me and if you didn't notice my blog is free.
9. i have a career. been at it for 12 years now. this is something i do for fun. also, did you know that adult entertainment is and has always been the largest most profitable industry in the world?
10. i'm not sure if you watched the presidential debate last night but what i got from it is social security and medicare as we know it will be a thing of the past by the time i get to retirement. i plan on retiring with the money i make off of rental properties and other financial investments. but i do know how much easier it would be to live off what the government thinks is best for me, i choose not to. 
11. "when your all dried up" should actually be "when you're all dried up." and when i am all dried up i can look back on my life and be happy that i did the things i wanted to do with the time i had when i was young and more moist. 

anywho...  so i wasn't able to get the car i wanted. the reason why was absolutely absurd. apparently, even tho i did a bankruptcy over a year ago some company was still reporting negatively to my credit report. so if anyone knows how i would go about fixing something like this i could use the guidance. 

i know i say this a lot but work has been super busy lately. definitely not complaining about that... especially in this economy. it would be nice to be able to take a day or two off tho. 

today i'm going to post the bathtub pictures request! 

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  1. I ment what i said ur nipples are little and cute. Mr neg ass doesnt seem to know anotomy. The nipple is the part in th middle. They are small and very cute lol. The part around is called the areola. Your a sexy women and i enjoy blog, pictures and videos. As far as the credit issue if everything is all taken care of call the company that is still reporting negative and find out why. Then send them a letter requesting they fix the issue with the credit companys

  2. I love you and your as hell. Also love your shape and figure. Keep it coming girl!

  3. I want Ms. Anonymous to follow up on Kristinas reply. Somehow I think that Ms. Anonymous will not only be jealous of Kristinas sexy body, but also her intellect!

  4. Sorry old lady, but we only like girls who punctuate.

  5. god i want to fuck u soo goddamn bad can u please give us a little preview of ur pussy i would bet its sooo fuckin perfect!

  6. I really enjoy your blog! And you definitely made bubble baths hot for me!!!

  7. You look fantastic in that first pic, perfect facial expression.

  8. Really? She doesn't know why her 17 year old son looks at this? I could take a guess and it involves some Jergens and a couple tissues..

  9. What the fuck?! Come on already!!

  10. Hah, everyone always has haters, just how the world works I guess. Out of curiosity though, what made you want to start doing this for fun? Was it something you always thought about doing?

    Also (slightly curious) do you have a boy friend and he's cool with this? Seems like it would be hard to do as a typical guy is somewhat jealous.