Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Offer Is Still Good

It's totally still good... way good... even gooder even. haha

anyways... it's been a ridiculous couple of weeks... along with the busy season starting at my job one of my employees got into a really bad car accident. she's okay for the most part but she's gonna be out of work for a few months. I've been debating replacing her or just kinda sticking it out the best i can. Unfortunately sticking it out might include a couple of days where my boss's son works in the store again. I think i'd rather be stuck there with no days off instead. He hasn't worked there in over a year and people are STILL complaining about him. definitely not dry cleanerer material.

so i was thinking... it's a really good thing to have a wide open facebook profile... this way when i delete people it takes them a really long time to figure it out if they ever do... everything still looks the same!  but for realz... some people just had to go. not a fan of the fakes. the pervs the creeps the jerks the god lovers the game requesters the over sharers those people are fine... but two faced... uh uh no way hose a.

 i was just kinda wondering if this refers to the size of this girl or her favorite sexual position... somehow i doubt it will turn out to be some really hot chick with long dark hair and perfect titties...
 Some people should skip the monograms... like may as well just put BARF on there...
 The occupant of this car threw that mcdonalds bag out the window... slob!
 On my way to asbury park that kid on the bike disregarded the green light and the fact that the highway was 5 lanes wide and rode right in front of the moving car. the driver then proceeded to read the kid the riot act for the duration of the green light... good for you white car guy!

 The cops finally came to see the picture i took of the radio shack robbers.. so since that's news i figured i'd be like the patch news writers and post a pic of a cop car doing nothing.
new rule... if you're over weight and want to eat pizza... get the workout in early and get fucking parking spot!
i was at the gym tonight... looking around... sometimes i feel like my boobs are small... they are not. some girls have like NO boobs... and that makes me sad.

welllll.... off to bed! usually i have thursday mornings off butttt not anymore! 


  1. Small boobs? Are you kidding? Even the ice cube didn't shrink'em lol.

    1. lol... i know but like... sometimes i look at them when i've got clothes on and wonder where they are...

    2. That's how you know you're wearing the wrong clothes ;)

  2. I'm wondering where your pussy is boo? And your clothes are off!!!

  3. my pussy is between my legs... i don't show it on my blog tho =) i'm hoping to one day charge for the privilege... so until then

  4. Fuck your tits look great at this angle.. I too am wishing to see that pussy one day - hell i'd pay!!

  5. It was really nice to taking to you tonight. Enjoy your time off. Brian /

  6. I love the mirror in the background almost gave those goods away lol im sure you already noticed thou