Monday, August 20, 2012

What The Hell Happened To Me??

Okay okay!! i know i haven't been posting as much as everyone would like but i've been so overwhelmingly busy lately. I know... there shouldn't be excuses for why i can't find the time to entertain everyone but i don't like to post half-assed shit... I prefer my ramblings to be of a high quality than just some ill thought out stuff i'm rushing to post. I've picked up a new account at my job so that's been keeping me busy in the mornings when i do most of my writing. after work has been consumed with trying to find a car. i swear i was much happier when i didn't have money in savings. no decisions to make at all. now i can't make a decision because there are too many choices... anyways, i've given up on trying to find a car. i'm just gonna make the one i have already extra fucking pimp. nothing compares to my caddy!

So in response to me fulfilling requests... i have been... someone wanted to see wet t-shirt i did that. someone wanted lacy stuff. done. i've got a video that i'm posting today that someone else requested.  I'll totally give a how-to on blowjobs... prolly gonna use a dildo and not a real cock cuz that would be more like porn than informative.

i joined planet fitness again... it's only $20 a month... i think the one thing holding me back from getting to LA all the time to workout is the fact that i absolutely HATE wasting 45 minutes getting there... Hooper Ave is ridiculous at the time i'm always looking to drive down it. 6 miles should not take that long... i still have my membership at LA so if i go straight from work i'll be going there still... it's just nice to have a place closer to home...

i've started reading a new book... it's called Bared To You by Sylvia Day.... I'd have to say... so far it's blowing away Fifty Shades... it's much more dirty... the female main character isn't an innocent virgin and the male is much more depraved especially with how he speaks during the sex... nothing turns me on more than a guy telling me how he's gonna fuck my wet cunt. mmm that's sounds pretty good right about now... i've been unusually horny lately... not unusual like more horny but unusual like i want kinda fucked up things... i wanna be like... owned... i want like my legs over my head and a hand around my throat with my hair being pulled at the same time and i want so hard that it pretty much hurts... like fuck me through it... make my pussy like it. then make me cum but don't stop... keep the same pace or even faster after so i'm forced to scream... maybe even cum again...  yeah that sounds pretty good...

so my account dude is here and it's time to do some work at work... i know tragic... enjoy!

alrighty... something is wrong with the uploader... i'm gonna have to try again later... not my fault this time! 


  1. Well said, I prefer quality over quantity myself. My advice to anyone who reads this: never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.

  2. Great video, I like the ice! When you do the how-to on blowjobs, could you be topless in that one too? ;)

  3. you look so sexy love the video you should try geting one more girl to get in the videos too that would be awesome

  4. I would love nothing more than to own you, satisfy you Then use you however I like :-)