Friday, August 24, 2012

To Whom It May Concern Or May Not Concern Or Whatever

(facebook, verizon, jcp&l, sovereign bank, pretty much every company that i interact with)... STOP CHANGING YOUR FUCKING WEBSITES EVERY 3 DAYS.. I get used to it... you change it... you say it's to make my time easier but really I wanna climb through the computer and rip your web designer's fucking mouse clicking finger off... while you're at it... get rid of the mid-sign in advertisements that I click not interested on EVERY FUCKING TIME... as it turns out I'm still not interested in a 3.99 percent interest rate on a home loan NO ONE GETS THAT RATE ANYWAY!!!! just let me into my account so I can pay my bills and move on.  I still don't want paperless billing and I reallllly don't need a new cellphone (you know I don't have an upgrade till January so stop sticking your ads in my face... such a tease)... what this is all stemming from is the most tragic event of them all. I've been timelined. :(  NO ONE. NOT A SINGLE FUCKING PERSON LIKES TIMELINE FACEBOOK. the person who made timeline facebook doesn't even like it... they keep it just to not look stupid for wasting millions of dollars on a dumb unnavigationable piece of shit annoying suck my asshole retarded design. Ughhhh....

Which brings me to my next topic...

Retards, stewardesses and midgets are and will always be the proper terminology... you know why... because mental retardation is in that dsm IV book. Midgets have there own reality tv shows about being that way... you can't capitalize on something while calling it biased. Like if you're embarrassed don't cash the check mother fuckers... this goes for guidos, fat people and basically everything on tv these days considering Americans only like to watch the abnormalities. Like plain ass white girls with average looks and mediocre intelligence and boring ass jobs and ugly friends don't get shows... AMISH PEOPLE HAVE A SHOW!!! They can't even watch it because they don't believe in tv... it's pathetic what we will compromise for money... geeezus fucking Christ. Haha.. where's my show? ??  Stewardess is just a cooler word than flight attendant.

Next. I've come to the conclusion that as much as I tell myself that baked breaded chicken tastes just as good as pan fried breaded chicken it doesn't and I'm fucking lying to myself. So is everyone else who says shit like that in attempt to trick their taste buds... baked french fries and potato chips aren't as good as their fried counterparts. We're all liars. Healthier in the body but not in the mind. So from now on... it's gonna be like this... this chicken tastes like shit baked but I'd rather not have to pretend I have a thyroid problem. :)

Just so everyone knows... my camera broke. So as soon as I get a new one I'll be back to taking pictures of unsuspecting parking lot douches.

I wrote this on my phone so any spelling errors don't count.

Theeeeee End!  


  1. Hell yeah - You tell'em, girl. That's an awesome rant.

  2. Fanominal - well said. Also thanks for the book recommendation in last entry. Told my wife about it and she loves it

  3. I got a 3.75% on my home loan :)