Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Meeeeedia!

Soooo.... i've decided to clear out my phone and camera of all the pictures and crap i've got on there... found some funny shit... so i'm gonna post it!

 I posted this on FB buutttt... it's pretty funny... i know everyone is just lining up so better get your request in now!
 This is the most informative sign i've ever seen in my life. i really feel like everything i was wondering in my head about this gas pump has be thoroughly answered.
 It's raining and no one else is allowed to park close but this guy.
 Weaved in and out of route 70 traffic to make it to the red light .0543 of a second faster than everyone else. Good Job Future Olympic Champion!
 Didn't know a class was require to use a refrigerator.... I guess the people at this particular Wawa are special.
 Still want one of these!
 My phone is SOOO dramatic...
 Ugh... lol
Funniest convo following a penis picture.
Crooked and dumb. 
Crooked, over the line and dumb.
Can anyone guess which network is mine?
So the safe at my store broke and to try to get into we beat it with a hammer... for this my boss bitched for MONTHS that we shouldn't be using a hammer to break into a safe... then his safe broke... 

 Need to clean the mirror
 Looking very fluffy here
For my feet peeps!
I pinch!

The End! 


  1. ur blogs are the best plus ur smokin hot

  2. HAHAHA you posted our conversation lol. You really are easy to shop for ;)

  3. sooo are we ever gonna be able to see your head giving skills?

  4. *yawn* these blogs are getting more and more lame. Waiting two weeks for old content sucks. Time to move on to another blog I suppose.

  5. @anonymous 1. thanks! and thanks! glad you enjoy them!

    @angelo... yeah i did... debated not editing...

    @anonymous 2... i think that would make a really good video... since using a cock would be a little out of the question what do you think i should use as a stand in?

    @anonymous 3. if you're bored move on... you don't even need to tell me about it... or you could suggest content you would like to see.

  6. The other suggestions are good. A few weeks back you mentioned you fulfilled a bunch of requests but since then I've only seen the wet t shirt (which was so sexy). Or just more frequent updates. Pics aside the blog is a good read, but comes too infrequently.

  7. that would have been fine, I'm not shy, but I doubt anyone coming here wants to c that since they're almost certainly all guys lol

  8. Fun posting! Been missing you, Tina:-)

  9. i love it your so sexy it would be nice if you did more vidoes if anything use a dildo if you dont wanna use a real cock