Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Failure Is Not An Option

well, that officially used to mean something completely different... i'm absolutely disgusted with a news story i heard yesterday about bayonne's school system dropping the minimum passing grade from 70 to 65. they say by making it easy for children to be successful it will bread more success... i think it's gonna breed more stupid kids. by setting the standards lower AND kids knowing about it that will just make them realize they don't have to work as hard to get the same results. too bad that same theory doesn't apply after they graduate. it's such a great idea teaching kids that if at first you don't succeed the system will kick in and make it easier so feelings don't have to be hurt. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING MEEEEEE???? may as well submit your welfare and unemployment applications now!! but wait! you can't read... i know! next semester there should be a class on how to beat the system! Fake your application 101! my goodness... how is this a good idea?  i get the no child left behind thing but that's supposed to be NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND AND HE OR SHE HAS A CHANCE IN LIFE.  perhaps we're saying that teachers and parents are just too lazy to properly educate today's youth? who knows... lazy lazy lazy motherfuckers... this country really needs some tough love. feelings my ass. if i was a parent in this situation i would be outraged that they are basically admitting defeat on education... you know what other societies in this world would do with without an education system? they send those little shits to work! out in fields and shit if you can't be educated you can at least provide for your family by harvesting crops or learning a trade or something. not americans tho... but we sure as hell can beat your ass at madden 13. a true talent.. but i'm sure we're just gonna keep on coddling all these kids... i bet the suicide rate sky rockets 15 years from now when they all realize that not only did everyone around them let them down but they actually are complete failures.

well this is not the blog i intended on posting today... so that one is gonna have to wait til tomorrow or thursday... so here's some pictures of people drive like morons. 

this was supposed to be a picture but my camera was on the wrong setting... this douche threw the garbage to the left of his car out the window.
CALL 911 IT'S A BAGEL EMERGENCY!!!! IT'S EMERGENT!!! and so is their need for a gym.
my car obviously has cooties.. lol and the white car... just bad. and the one behind it... this is just really bad.
on my way to freehold. that's a laundry bin... and also the left lane at 40 mph. with a lot of unnecessary braking.
the new Space Invaders lol... get it?
what this guy actually meant to say instead of giving me the finger: "i'm sorry i can't properly judge the speed of an oncoming vehicle as i fail to stop at a traffic control device and turn onto a highway in front of you making you have to slam on your brakes and honk your horn and drive up your adrenaline so early in the morning, i hope you can forgive me for this oversight."

well stay tuned... good shit coming later this week! 


  1. I think it's breed not bread.

  2. You're totally right! Thanks for looking out!