Friday, July 13, 2012

Lucky Friday The 13th

Thanks everyone for the really nice comments!  i appreciate them as always!  i'm sure my problem with getting things in my ass is the fact that i'm too tense... i guess it's probably because i'm trying to do it myself and i've got to contort my body into uncomfortable positions... maybe i was just not meant to have things in my butt... haha!

anyways... speaking of things that smell... this lady came into my store the other day... she absolutely reeked of body odor... like if someone told me she hadn't taken a shower in a week i would totally believe that.. i'm surprised she didn't have a following of flies... anyways... as soon as she left i went and got some air freshener and spray it all over... i just couldn't breath... as i'm  in the middle of this one of my co-workers said i can't do that... it's not nice and i could offend her... are you fucking kidding me??? my nose was offended by her first!!!  smelling like a sewerage plant is NOT NICE... especially since it has an effect on everyone around them... who wants to come into a dry cleaners and leave their clothes in a place that smells... i wouldn't. i think there should be a law that says if you go out in public you should be required to take care of your personal hygiene.  like... it's a against the law to not wear deodorant... that's what political people should fight about... like drop the abortion thing (cuz that only affects a limited number of people and really it only affects the person having the abortion... all the activist would be none the wiser if they didn't waste life standing on the side of the road with their signs... like seriously get a fucking hobby before i run you over with my car...) and pass a law that would help a lot more people out...

i'm wearing a dress today at work... which i never do... i've got little spandex shorts on underneath it tho to prevent any chaffing... but i'm still sitting here with my legs open... i feel like even tho the goods are covered i should like cross my legs or something... but i'm not gonna... just not my style...

i'm about a third of the way into the second book in the Fifty Shades series... i'm starting to see Ana Steele as a whining bitch... like calm down and stop being so dramatic... truth be told i'm not even that turned on by the sex in the book... i was hoping for something a little more depraved... i guess i'm just slightly more fucked up than the average woman who buys these books... oh well...

 this is the intersection of route 70 and colonial drive... i am waiting to make the left onto 70 east.  this lady in the white car stops her car in the middle of major highway and makes this other person who belongs to the black car get out to give her directions... i wasn't sure who the bigger moron was until white car lady literally made a u-turn right in the middle of the road with traffic all over...
littering and... littering and... littering and... drinking and driving to the ATM... 
 yup! that's a person casually napping on the sidewalk/grass area in front of the burger king in lakewood... this lawn ornament also comes complete with a shopping cart full of shit.
 Lazzzzyyyy!!! and dyslectic
 Bitch Club?

and since several people asked for a video... i thought this one was kinda funny... lol...
Danielle filmed this...until the neighbor came outside and she felt like a creeper... lol


  1. you were definitely meant to have things in your ass, I'm happy to help if you need it, lol.

  2. Interested in doing a photo shoot? Non nude its a girl with guns theme. Also try having ur ass licked before you try anal. It helped the last 2 girls take it all on there first try

  3. what will you put in my ass?? and sure i'll do one... i love getting my picture taken.

  4. i like the super troopers reference lol

  5. Ill put anything you want me to put in your ass an ill even lick it first ;)

  6. Is this the same Danielle from the Lesbians in the Arctic video? If it is, I hope we get to see her join you in front of the camera again sometime ;)