Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Idiots, Morons and General Disgust

i'm not sure why shit like this pisses me off so much... but like... i've got this stack of little papers that i cut up from a big desk calendar as the months go by... i use them as scrap paper... why is it that i came in today and found another month cut up but like into weirdly shaped pieces none of which were the same size as the stack i already had?... like... you know we use it as scrap so why if you're gonna do something i didn't ask to be done would you do it in a different fashion than it has been done before?? what the fuck am i gonna do with tiny pieces of paper? i threw them out. they are useless. what gets me most about this is that there was a clear example sitting like right there... i know this sounds completely petty but i hate it. and what i hate even more than that is when people ask me or more so tell me that they will start to do, continue to do or finish doing something i've already starting doing... like i'm doing it already... it's not a two person project and i'm also not a complete fucking retard. chances are it will get done faster and with more accuracy if i do it myself. plus you're in the middle of something else... i get the need to want to have stuff to do for later when it's slow but like... i'm not waiting around to finish my job... i don't desire to be here in the heat longer than necessary but there are things that need to be completed before i leave...ugghhhh

i'm starting to reach my moron limit.  i'm going to be 29 fucking years old in about two weeks... when the fuck are people going to stop asking me what i'm doing for the summer???  I'M FUCKING WORKING!!! like a normal person... anyone who asks me this at my job in the cleaners clearly knows i'm not a school teacher and while i definitely don't think i look old i sure as hell don't look like i'm in high school or any other form of school really... further more... i spend 5 consecutive days a week in ridiculous heat (i know i'm not being over dramatic because every single fucking person who walks in this place has something retarded to say like "wow it's hot in here" "how do you stand the heat" "it's actually hotter in here than it is outside" "you don't have air conditioning?" or my personal favorite "stay cool!"  YOU STAY COOL MOTHER FUCKER!!!!! ughhhhhhhh)  my body is fried by the end of the day... i don't wanna go to the beach i don't wanna go do anything outside ever... if i'm not working i wanna be in a place with a nice crisp air conditioning... maybe when the sun goes down and my body temperature reaches normal again i'll take a minute or two outside but other than that NO WAY!  i sometimes wonder if anyone with a nice indoor job ever realized the toll heat takes on the human body... spend your day getting in and out of your sitting in the direct sunlight car about 100 times and then come talk to me about hot weather. or better yet go stick yourself in the dryer.

i'm hungry... and i've got a fuck ton of work to do...


  1. I hear ya on the idiotic commentary...Jersey has the hottest summers (and women ;) there really isn't any escaping it.

    Glad to see/read your postings again. And of course the pix...we need more!For some reason, after reading this post all i can think of if you playing with ice cubes and those fantastic boobs! Maybe your next pix to post? (Please?)

    Dont let the idiots drag you down....