Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Just Can't Do It Captain!

I don't have the power.... actually it's more like i'm running out of energy and braincells... i need a new car... i want a new car... i've driven a hundred fucking cars and i hate them all... i know what my problem is... my car that i have right now new was like 60k... i'm driving cars in the 25 to 30k price range... they all suck... nothing will ever compare to my pimp ass Cadillac... apparently not even another newer Cadillac... so i've decided to scrap the idea of getting something really new or even in the 2009 range and maybe just get a nice 2006 DTS or STS.... i'm gonna go drive a few today... how fucking pathetic is it that i'm secretly wishing that i get denied for the lease on the 2012 fully loaded Fusion i took out yesterday... i was a little disappointed with auto lenders telling me that i needed to put 12k down on a 20k used 2007 lexus with 70k miles... but like i didn't even care... i cared more about what they would accept to finance me than what i was losing out on buying...

in other news... i've recently discovered that my vagina is very jealous of my mouth... i've got one of those sonic care toothbrushes... it's got like WAAAy more vibration power than my vibrator does...(even with fresh batteries)...  that's not even fair... i think that Philips should perhaps consider making interchangeable parts for their toothbrush bases... bristles, cock head, back massager, smoothie maker... just saying...  that would be a delightful "this product does it all!!!" infomercial.  prolly one of their best sellers...

 well... just because i'm having a hard time right now doesn't mean all my fans can't have a hard time too!
 Wet T-Shirt Request!
 (it was empty)
 I'm a really good fake drunk
 That should be a cock
 Not that cold.
 A little cold.
 hehe... how is like half the shirt wet and half not?
 Perhaps i need some more
 Rub it in!
 rip it off...
 There's no way i'm ruining my shirt by ripping it
 Lion Face
 that just looks like i peed myself
 I'm all wet, can i come in?
 (still empty)
 Should be a cock... again..

Well... i hope your hard time was better than mine!  time to get some work done!!


  1. Bravo!!! That was fabulous! Love the narrative! Check out the Hyundai bang for the buck.

  2. Btw, today is my birfday thank you for the birfday present!

  3. Car shopping sucks- take look at the Chrysler 300. Luxury plus get hemi for power!!! Very sexy pictures. Special request - baby oil !!!!!!

  4. Ok so no pussy pics, I get it. Buuuut maybe a wet t- shirt contest pussy style, thin white shorts and copious amounts of water.

  5. I like Lion Face lol :)

  6. I am late to the game with this comment, but if you are still looking for cars I am sure my grandfather is trying to get rid of his 2010 Lincoln MKZ (I believe that's the model) and trade it in. Not sure if that's still a car that's in the running, but just tossing it out there

  7. I agree with the above anonymous, since we cant see your pussy which im sure is perfect, could u tease us a little - the thin white shorts wet or some lacy panties would be perfect!

  8. holly shit! I never would have guessed, you don't hold anything back.