Friday, July 20, 2012

First Annual 29th Birthday!

Soooo.... yesterday i turned 29... had a pretty good day even tho i had to work... but like so did all my friends so it woulda been pretty boring if i took the day off... Went to dinner at the Brick House... we go there all the time... it's kinda becoming a birthday tradition because the service last night was pretty awful ... strange... plus this kid tried to take away too many plates at once and spilled french dressing all over my 100$ purse... kinda mad about that still... other than that i had a lot of fun with everyone and got some pretty cool gifts... LOTS of DUCKS!!! even my cake had a duck on it!  haha... for the second annual 29th birthday next year the gathering is going to be at my house because i know how to service people properly!

 it's absolutely freezing in here today... burrrrr.... i just shut the exhaust fan but i doubt that's gonna help. i just found an old pink down coat...

Ridiculous! (but no longer cold)

So.... i've been looking for a car to get in the near future... i'm kinda disappointed because the one i really wanted to get i went to test drive and absolutely hated it.  =(   bummer... so i drove a couple other things and the winner so far was the Lincoln MKZ.... i'm gonna try to lease one.  So if anyone knows anyone who sells new cars or could help me out let me know it would be very much appreciated! (truth be told i REALLLLLLY want a new car... like i prolly don't realllllly need one but i feel like i've had a used one long enough and everyone else is getting new cars and i'm kinda like WTF? i make good money... i just can't fucking prove it because i'm not on the books... but i will be next week for the first time in like 11 years... and i know i'm gonna have to wait a few weeks after that but nothing wrong with getting the process started... ) 
how sweet would i look in that!!!

Moving along and rather quickly because my boss is coming here in like 20 minutes... 

Birthday Pic!! get it??? with the candle!!  haha... i'm funny

Also... i'd like to thank everyone for the unsolicited cock pictures that i received for my birthday!!! i loved them all!!! apparently I'm "very easy to shop for"  lol.


  1. Happy Birthday Kristina!!!

  2. HAHAHA how many pics did you get? Also that first pic of you is the worst one I've ever seen, you should never have that much clothes on, lol, luckily the bottom pic makes up for it ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Kristina!!!

  4. what is that by your left hand in the third picture ;)

  5. That's what we call good product placement lol...

  6. Love that birthday picture. Can not wait to see what's behind that candle!! Any progress on a website? We r all waiting patiently haha.