Friday, July 6, 2012

Feels Like... A Tuesday...

But it's a Friday... prolly cuz of the middle of the week holiday... 4th of July was pretty cool this year... watched the fireworks from the golf course on the river... no bugs and it wasn't disgusting out... ohhh and Danielle and I finally got around to doing a little photo shoot the other night... got some pretty fun stuff to post over the next few blogs!

So... i went for my annual girl parts examination yesterday... i'd have to say that i was a little disappointed that he skipped the finger in the butt part he did last time... i guess that's reserved for when i have a problem...  so my pussy is perfectly healthy!  he informed me that he now does laser hair removal... so i went back and had some done last night on my under arms... it didn't hurt... but i cannot wear deodorant today... it's only 9am and i don't smell yet but the temperature is rising and i'm gonna start getting sweaty soon... anyways... if anyone is interested (guys can totally get it done too) go see Dr. Morgan he's the best! very reasonable prices as well...  732-477-4422... totally went home and tried to finger my own ass last night to make up for the lack of it at the doctors... still didn't work... well it worked a little... but there is no chance of me getting anything larger in there...

I'm trying to decide which set of pictures i want to post first... i was gonna do it in order of request but i have no idea what the order is... totally random it is!

 decided to go with the lace ones
 got this outfit for 8$

 pretty flowers!
 there's two of me!
 front boob AND side boob!
 who wouldn't want flowers on their bum?

Enjoy!  and tell your friends!


  1. wow so sexy i wish you would do more videos

  2. Second picture is my favorite. Legs are amazing!

  3. $8 well spent! I think you are absolutely gorgeous and am glad to have stumbled across this page and also into the cleaners as a result. Hope things cool off at work and the rest of your summer goes well. As for the pictures, I am just in awe.

  4. Really enjoy following ur blog. Thanks for the amazing pictures. Me n my wife play with anal. Best thing we found was oral and fingering to get relaxed and her laying on her side. I would massage her body n play with her hair. It woul really relax her and allow me to enter. Just some thing to try if u want. Looking forward to ur next post.

  5. Last pic wow you look awsome!!!

  6. Wow! Great pics!!

  7. $8 very well spent ;)