Friday, June 1, 2012

Clean House

Is it some sort of cleaning lady conspiracy for them to leave a detachable shower head not properly mounted in the holder and always facing outwards??  do they do this shit on purpose or are they just that stupid?  if they cleaned their own shower the same way are they okay with being victim to freezing cold water hitting them in the face without warning then having it fall and spray everywhere??  probably not... bitches. this company does a shitty job anyway... they keep missing things... obvious things... they came on tuesday. i called wednesday to express my disappointment (after talking to the lady two weeks prior to let her know about these things)... then they came back on thursday to fix it (the manager asked me to leave a detailed list) they ignored half of it... if i wanted to come home to a half-assed job i'd do it myself and save myself the 86$ every two weeks.

so it's been a week and a half since i fired looney toons... i've been i such a better mood. i've been working more hours but my brain is far less stressed!  bonus! i can have a conversation with a person without weird off topic no one cares what you have to say interjections!! it was my first firing too... i think i did pretty well... i wasn't mean!! i wanted to just rip her to shreds and ask her why it's so hard for a person who does nothing in life (no school, no kids, no other job, no household to maintain) to make it to work to a part-time job 3 miles from your house on the days and times you're supposed to be there completely awake and alert with your make-up and hair already done your cigarette already smoked and your coffee already gotten?  why is this hard at 1 in the afternoon? it's not like it's 7am. why can't you realize when customers don't want to hear your life story? (they really don't care) why can't you remember things after being told over and over again? why do you think it's okay to try to intimidate your other co-workers with the intention of trying to get them to quit? no one cares how big your boyfriends dick is or your latest racist joke that you made up yourself that no one gets cuz it doesn't make sense... but the really really sad part is she didn't even attempt to keep the job. didn't ask for one more chance... didn't even offer an explanation that made any sense for not showing up. i let people get away with a lot of shit but i'm not an idiot. don't fucking lie to me. and this, kids, is why you shouldn't do drugs.

so... i went to the wells fargo yesterday to get some change for the store... why do i feel like every single time i go there it's everyone's first time in a bank ever?  like hasn't it been long enough for every single person in the world who gets a paycheck to know that you cannot cash a check in the drive thru unless you have an account??? i knew that when i was like 14... that's almost 15 fucking years ago!!! it hasn't changed... go inside motherfucker! as far as the tellers... i really think most of them need a math class... i want to be able to go into the bank with 100$ tell them i need 50 single 2 rolls of quarters 2 dimes 2 nickels 3 fives and 1 more single and not have them look at me with this blank stare and then make me repeat myself or my personal favorite "let me write that down"... WRITE THAT DOWN???? are you fucking kidding meeee??? not for nothing... how else would you make change of a hundred with all those components... even if she gave me the extra 16$ just in singles it woulda been fine... if you work in a bank... be good at math. or at least be good at listening the first time...

 i want to live at this address!  corner of yellowbank and fischer... lol... 
she parked like this... then almost tripped walking over the rocks.
insult to injury... 
i don't even really get this one.. there were plenty of close spots...
i changed my hairs again... not that it matters because it's gonna be up in a ponytail for the next 4 months of disgustingly hot weather.  but i'm back to red for now! 
She's a MAAAANNNN BABBBYYYY!!!! sexy sexy!
just because it fits doesn't mean it belongs... 
why do old people drive giant cars?  so they can take up 4 spots. duh!
this (thing i think is a) person smokes at gas stations... and flicks ashes all over... blow shit up on your own time bitch!
i was thinking having a person with a so bad cold playing delightful ballads in the front of the store would definitely class the place up a bit. glad this person applied... (i am never putting the help wanted sign in the window again!!)
 me at my mom's wedding... i look hot! 
this person attempted this lane change a few seconds earlier and almost took me out... i honked my horn and she gave me a dirty look... seriously bitch... don't get mad at me because you aren't cool enough to drive AND look for other cars at the same time...

time to get going... Happy Friday!!


  1. How about shower pictures?

  2. Nice job application lol. I hope that person wasn't serious...

  3. Going through miss Kristina withdrawals! Where have u been

  4. Is this blog still active??