Thursday, June 28, 2012

50 Shades Of Cancer...

I don't usually judge people based on their personal choices (unless they can't drive, of course) but smoking is disgusting... i know i know i used to smoke but that was like a decade ago... i just really wish i could walk down a side walk without having to hold my breath... seriously... if i want to go to stop and shop from my job it's almost worth it to get in my car and drive... every single person out there is puffing their lives away... i thought they made a law about smoking within a certain distance from public buildings... or maybe that's the law about idling cars... i don't know... either way... why should i be victim to smokers' bad decisions??? same thing happened at the court house yesterday... i get that court is stressful place for people who "just can't understand why i got a ticket for a taillight out". I'm sure that 46$ no point fine you're pleading not guilty to would be much better spent on some marlboro reds mother fucker... take that shit away from the sidewalk...

work has slow down so much this week... it's soooo nice out... everyone is on vacation and yet i'm stuck here... good thing i've got a book to read... if you haven't figured it out by the title of my blog i'm reading Fifty Shades Of Grey...  i haven't gotten too deep into it yet but it's definitely a catchy story... makes me wanna do some really naughty things... some ideas for a photo shoot are definitely brewing in my head.

there's a guy in here right now talking to Wil... i can't understand a word he's saying... like it's English but i can't make out a bit of it... he's more round than tall looks like a fat Mario and talks like him too... he totally thinks that losing weight to fit in pants is just crazy then gets mad that walmart doesn't have anything to fit him properly... which reminds me... I've been working out consistently for the first time in a long time... i think i've found my motivation... going to the gym for more than 15 minutes too!  there is this really hot trainer guy there that i like to stare at... i think his name is Travis... haha... but in true LA Fitness tradition i'm sure he won't be working there for long...

So i've found out recently that a lot of people have been reading my blog that i wouldn't normally expect to read it... that's awesome!!

I wish i had some more female friends... it's so hard to make them... i know i'm not exactly an easy person to get used to but i swear i'm totally nice and fun to be around... and that malicious intentions part of my life was so 5 years ago... now i kinda just want someone to go grab dinner with and bullshit about how cute the guys at the bar are... or maybe like a gym buddy... that would be awesome... so if anyone knows any girls that need friends kinda like direct them my way... how pathetic is that...

holy crap nick used a rolling rack... i'm in shock right now... brb

Lakewood inhabitants drive me nuts... first he parked in the middle of the road... second he needs his stuff for today... but it's summer time and we're starting earlier and getting done earlier... we don't even do the cleaning in this store... shirts no problem but suits and pants are a little tough... so i wrote his stuff up and he's actually driving it down to the other store... haha... whatever...

It's 930am and i'm starving... i have a feeling this is gonna be one of those blogs that takes me a couple days to finish... i know everyone has been wondering where i've been the last few weeks... i wrote a short post the other day... i was kinda trying to hold out until i had the pics and videos done that i want to do... i'm aiming for this weekend... whether it's with help or by myself i'm getting this shit done!

Danielle sent me this picture... not that i would ever wish harm upon an innocent child but part of me screams "i hope you fucking crash dumb ass" it absolutely amazes me that parents still don't strap their kids in in the car... 
 Control Freak.
 Poorly Parked and if your name is Rainbow paint a fucking rainbow somewhere..
 Does Not Play Well With Others
 Car Love!
Seriously, this car is parked here.
I named him Mr. Quacktastic. People keep calling him Big Bird... he looks NOTHING like Big Bird. Morons...  I put him in my car and drive around with him in the front seat.  It's quite amusing to watch people react to him. but what absolutely amazes me are the vast amounts of people who don't notice a GIANT YELLOW DUCK! like does anyone look around when they drive? it's like people only look forward... kinda scary... it's even more scary when i pull up next to a car with children in it and they clearly see the duck and react to it and the parent in the car doesn't even look around to see what their kid is going crazy over... lol... so along with driving around with him i brought him into lakehurst cleaners with me a few saturday mornings ago... i knew my boss had a long night the night before and what better way to fuck with him than to sit my duck in his chair.
The video is sideways but the hungover reaction is pretty good!
 This is of Nick... he like tosses him aside like it's totally normally for him to be there... no reaction at all... 

Totally hid him in here... not sure what's funnier... the conversation in the background or the reaction to the duck... LOL.

Totally bored on the couch one day... and apparently hot too because i'm not wearing any pants. 
 Kinda blurry but i really love these two pics...


  1. Yeah first one to comment. OMG and Wow!!! Love the couch pics u just need to zoom in next time. And the tit pics are a great POV. Wish I was there!

  2. Absolutely stunning!

  3. Wow!! Those last two pics are HOT ;)

  4. You have amazing boobs! ;)