Monday, May 21, 2012

Jammed Up Like A Cheap All In 1

I'm starting to think i'm suffering from writers block or something... maybe it's just the stress of having incompetent people work for me. i've been so focused on this job lately that i can't even take the time to relax and people watch outside my store... it's not even fair.  i just need to get through the next 8 days and i'll be able to make some much needed changes around here... it's definitely necessary... especially when i find myself writing notes like these all over the store... stuff you would think would fall under the common sense category especially for people who have worked here over 6 months... the job really isn't that hard... it's like the same thing over and over... there is absolutely no reason anyone should get worse at it over time. 

i'm fairly certain the dude walking around the plaza right now is a drug dealer... he keeps getting into different cars... for some reason they security guards aren't here this early... crime never happens during the day. idiots.

i can't remember what time i took my allergy pill yesterday... i would imagine i either forgot to take it or i took it very early because if it was still working i prolly wouldn't feel they way i do right now... i suppose i could just take another one... what's the worst that can happen? lol  if anything i could certainly use the nap...

 it's fucking freezing in here... i just attempted to take a picture of my hard nipples but a customer came in... oops... i'll try again later..

i'm kinda wondering... i'm the type of person who always says "have a good day" to every customer... i never vary... it's never have a nice holiday or weekend or anything like that... so when i say "have a good day" and they follow up with "have a nice weekend" are they trying to 1 up me?  like do they think they are better because they are wishing me more than just a good day?? maybe i should just be like "HAVE A NICE LIFE!!!" then i win... 

it's been like stupid busy in here for the last 2 hours... i like it.  and i've still got 1 hour and 40 minutes until i've gotta be that bitchy boss who points out all the mistakes... it would be so much easier to tell people all the shit they do wrong if i got to leave after... or had like an office to go to... it kinda sucks when i've gotta be like.. "uhh you're a total fuck up and i hope this is the last time i have to tell you the same thing" and then be in the same space as the person... lol... i can't possibly wait til the end of the day cuz that's just not my style...

alrighty... so it's monday already... this weekend was crazy... i had the day off on saturday to go to my niece's first birthday party... had to stop into work first to pay the girls... walked in and i've got one calling the other one a bitch... LOL... so yesterday i went and bought job applications from staples and today i posted an ad on craigslist. i am done with this bullshit. this girl really acts like a child. then she thinks i must be naive or something and tries to play it off like she was just trying to help.  sorry darlin' i got 3 people saying you're nagging on this woman trying to get her to quit. homey don't play dat. 

this fucking douche bag completely ignored the stop sign he had and pulled out right in front of me... just so he could wait at a red light first. that's nice. 
this guy did 25mph all the way down the road. i would assume he was prolly paying attention to something other than driving because his car was swerving all over the place.  if you were driving drunk i hope you die in a 1 car crash that doesn't effect anyone elses life.
just because the black cars owner can't park doesn't mean you have to hit them... just saying... lol...

well hurricane nick just got here... with his car... apparently the dry cleaner mobile broke... i really hope that all the dry cleaning isn't all wrinkled... not that anyone who works here besides me cares... he's talking to me... i'm ignoring him... mostly... i wish he didn't smell like cigarettes... lol

bought a new blender yesterday... a nice cheap one for like 16$... made my mushroom soup without any problems.  it was delicious!  haha... and the burns are gone too! 

so it's still freezing in here... i went into the bathroom to take that hard nipple picture... but it's like super hot in there cuz of the compressor... lol... took a picture anyway... 

not that hard. lol


  1. Great tits Kristina, I need more of your blogs! They are hilarious and I loveeee the pics!!

  2. Nice tits...still need that high heel ,knee highs,and a wet t shirt...or nice ass shots in yoga pants ...keep em commin

  3. Another wonderful blog with generous tit pic. I asked for jets pics and u obliged now how about a close up camel toe. Would love to see that mound even if its covered

  4. You anonymous guys have no balls, kris you do have a nice body and a talent for writing your days events but you deserve comments from ppl that arent afraid to put their name beside their thoughts p.s i agree with his^ suggestion but any pics you post are well worth anything

    1. Wheres your name posted on here? Wow dont u look like an ass. Idiots and computers should never mix, just give it up.

  5. So ridiculously sexy and about some more ass shots/yoga pants/ boy shorts.....camel toe....Would LOVE it!!!