Monday, May 14, 2012

Burning Sensation... LOL

yesterday... my blender exploded... i was making cream of mushroom soup... i poured it into the blender put the lid on attempted a puree and the glass cracked and ridiculously hot mushrooms and broth went flying all over my kitchen, on my arms and face... i must say being covered in little pieces of mushroom and onion was totally sucky... i've got these tiny little burns all over my arms... the worst part about this is i had to throw out the remaining soup... can't chance eating glass... and it smelled SOOOOOO good too... i'm pretty sure my house still smells like it considering it landed in pretty much every spot there was in my kitchen... good thing the cleaning ladies are coming today cuz i was totally not dealing with that shit... lol.... i need a new blender... maybe with a plastic pitcher.

so last week i posted on my facebook that i was looking to hire someone in my store... i had one girl come to see me... she seemed really nice. she was polite to the customers but none of that mattered because she came in to fill out an application wearing a spaghetti strap tank top with all her tattoos showing... ughh... i really don't wanna know you have tattoos the second you walk in the door and a full shirt woulda been nice too... i know this is a dry cleaner but it's still a job and most importantly it's my career (which i take seriously).  don't get me wrong, while tattoos aren't my choice of expression, i don't mind them. work is just not the place to be showing them off.

i have been like unusually tired lately... i keep thinking i'm getting sick but then a few days go by and nothing happens except the tiredness... i've been sleeping pretty well so i don't think that is the problem... work has been insanely busy... i like it this way... and on saturday when i found out that my store has been making more money than lakehurst for the last couple months i threw myself a little party in my head... i can't wait til the next time one of those bitches down there gives me shit about how much work is for one day or how many times i call the other store... they are so ignorant down there that i truly believe they don't even understand that there is another store that runs and has customers. but now... NOW i can be like... my store is busier than yours and i do it with less people so take that evil stupids. hahahahahhahahhaha!!!!

Dry Cleaner P.S.A.  it is absolutely the most annoying thing on the planet when people bring in their dirty clothes on hangers... who the fuck hangs their dirty stuff up anyway??? that's just weird... like i get that you're bringing the hangers back but like... why can't you just be like all the other people and throw them on the counter in a giant ball??  it makes things go so much faster that way...

So... i've taken ZERO pictures of people driving/parking badly in the last two weeks... since i'm sure the world hasn't shifted... i must be really slacking... so we can skip that part and go straight to the next part.

so... someone asked me for pictures of me in lace... i've got two in some nice lacy undies! 
Back! (i think my butt is looking smaller lately. =(  )
and here is the second video i promised from last time!  

i really hope to have more stuff up soon... i guess it just all depends on how busy works stays... not that i should be complaining about it... leave me some love in the comment section!  =)


  1. your firefighterMay 14, 2012 at 2:44 PM

    You just made me happy! TY

  2. You have the most amazing boobs ever!

  3. Nice! Keep 'em cumming!

  4. Watching a Porn in that video hmm?? Nice!!

  5. a video ! now this blog/site has it all

  6. so sexy love your boobs