Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where's My Discount????

i fucking hate when old people come in here and expect things to be cheaper and then say to me. "well, i'm a senior"  i feel like saying back...well i'm a middle class American citizen that doesn't get the opportunity to live in reduced price housing in pretty little "leisure" communities responsible for paying all of my own bills including health insurance without assistance from any sort of government fund and i do it all in a unstable economy where most people in my social-economic class could wake up tomorrow and be out of a job with no warning due to down-sizing and outsourcing and the fact that you SENIORS are completely depleting the system and hording your money rather that doing useful things with it LIKE PAYING FULL PRICE AND SPENDING IT  to increase the economy... so how about that...  can't even get into a fucking restaurant without waiting an hour on a weekday cuz you're sitting there for hours don't even tip well on your early bird senior discount specials destroying the fucking salad bar... getting in your giant fucking tank cars driving under the speed limit pulling out in front of everyone cuz you can't tell they are going 50mph on a highway driving into buildings killing people CUZ YOU MISTOOK THE BRAKE FOR THE GAS it's been in the same fucking spot your entire life (which is longer than mine so far so you should REALLY know better)  so me and the rest of us 25 to 55 year olds working our fucking asses off still can't afford to do shit barely paying the bills won't be able to collect social security cuz it's all gonna be gone by the time we get there should just keep on catering to all you SENIORS... perhaps seniors should pay a fucking senior tax just for ruining my future.. your social security and pension was determined based on an average lifespan that you surpassed years ago... i suppose it would be unjust to just cut you all off once you hit your mark and save something for the rest of us but whatever... just keep asking for your discounts and i'll keep responding snotty with NO.  your fucking sense of entitlement makes me sick... yeah you might of worked hard for 25 years in your day but what the fuck have you been doing for the last 25 years... NOTHING except for mooching off of and annoying the shit out of everyone else.  so take your fucking entitlement and discounts and shitty fucking pants and wrap it all up and take it to your grave... cuz it's time you fucking just died. 
 Anyways... I got my windows tinted!!
 Pimp ass car... decided against tinting the front windows... haven't gotten a ticket for anything in 12 years and i don't wanna start now... so yeah.. can't see anything in the backseat... 
so i kinda fell off the workout wagon with all this crazy Easter and passover stuff from last week... my store made more money last week than any other week for the last 11 years... crazzzzyy... so my response to the "how do i feel about the jets?" question and the request for school girl pics and strip tease video will be coming soon!!! I promise!  I just hired a cleaning service for my house so that should free up some time to get these things done!  working 6 days a week kinda puts a damper on everything i want to do... so not fair!!
i was reading this months cosmo magazine and a woman asked a question about the amount of fluid that comes out of her vagina when she orgasms... it's been a while since i even thought about that whole squirting thing... so i did was any normal person would do and started googling... i found the wikipedia page and read the entire thing... apparently even with all the scientific shit out there and how we can travel into space and cure diseases and blah blah blah... female ejaculation still remains a mystery.. it's greatly debated amongst doctors and all that crap... some people say it's pee some say it's not but then if it's not where does it come from??? i don't understand why they just can't catch some of it and run tests... so this was clearly inconclusive... feeling a little discouraged and even more intrigued i did the next reasonable option... YOUPORN!  definitely didn't look like pee... no one can pee with that much force... it did kinda turn me on a bit... i decided that before settling in to my normal masturbation routine i would go back to google and try to find out how to make myself squirt... an hour later i gave up... and passed out... i'm not a squirter but at least i didn't have to change my sheets!

it absolutely cracks me up with men come in here to drop off their wife's or girlfriend's clothing and have to let me know that it's not theirs... lol... like seriously... how many cross-dressing male customers do they think i have?? LOL... 
this little guy was loose in the store for a couple days... then he fell into the garbage bin and he couldn't get out... one of the mexican women found him... and they FREAKED THE FUCK OUT... like literally running around the store and as far away from the bucket as possible... i took the bucket and walked to the front of the store... they ran to the back... LOL... i don't get it... it's just a little mouse... a dying mouse... cuz when he was in that bucket he ate that giant green pill... so i dumped in him a bag and took him to his final resting place... the dumpster... =*( 

i gotta wonder how long this stayed on his back for... LOL

they say cell phones are a distraction... well what about dogs that a roam freely around a car while you're driving... you can't turn the dog off people... (this car was actually in motion when i took the picture)

slightly less lazy bad parker... i mean like... i gotta give him some credit for walking across the street right? i wonder if he parks his car in the middle of route 70 too?

Sorry for all the giggling but this shit just cracks me up!

This is how girls get shit done!  LOL... apparently my thong was hanging out too... this does not surprise me.
Sexy Bitch I Am!!  lol... and also i have a cool pink case for my phone. 

well... that's all i've got for now... i think i covered everything... (or uncovered.. hehe)... i'm really really gonna get around to the requests soon... i've got a really good idea brewing!

The guy who suggested I open a whore house just came in... he asked me how my plan was going... LOL... I WISH!!!  Got it... Sell it... Still got it... love that guy...


  1. Of all your posts, there was only one where I could see your pussy...and you really had to search. I need more girl!!!

  2. Tits look great an your always super sexy...that video is too funny and the giggling only makes it as for the guy who posted before me ofcourse she isnt going to show her pussy 1 shes not a hooker an 2 that shit aint free an for everyones eyes were lucky she graces us with picture of her beautiful body idiot

  3. Both u guys are tools. Nice tits Kristina :)

  4. @angelo - eat shit douchebag. 1. Showing her pussy wouldn't make her a hooker you moron. And 2, I'm waiting for her paid site.

  5. Listen if you start selling it I'd buy it!

  6. come work here. at least we cover health insurance!