Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meh... Bored.

So I wrote a blog the other day and posted it but took it down a few hours later... i've decided that perhaps i should cover my ass before talking obvious shit about someone i'm being forced to depend on. that being said... i wish people would take notice of the fact that i'm totally not fucking interested when they talk... especially when i'm doing other things like... playing on my cellphone... talking to someone else in the room... talking on the phone to someone else... eating... drinking... working... staring blankly in another direction or just plain breathing, actually.  i'm not actually sure if the particular person reads my blog and i don't really give a fuck but just in case someone wants to print it out and bring it to them i'll just keep that shit to myself... for now.

i'm sitting at home right now... it's saturday night and it's almost 8.  i'm pretty bored. i just watched like seven =3 videos in a row... now that i just typed that it kinda looks like half a penis and balls... i wonder if that's the point... maybe it's an uncircumsized penis and balls. lol...

anyways... as i wrote in the blog i deleted... i got an offer to go down to florida and do porn...  i'm having trouble deciding if it's for me or not. i don't have a problem with the act of sex on film for money.  my hold ups are more along the lines of being treated the way i feel i should be. like i don't wanna be the girl who the director treats like shit because he thinks i'm some skank.  i suppose i just would prefer it on my own terms. i'm way too smart and experienced in life to put up with bullshit. i wish i could start my own porn company... but i guess i'd need time and certainly don't have that.  i'm not even sure if it's legal to shoot porn in NJ... that would be so very convenient...

in response to the comments on my last post...

no way will i ever go to giants game... unless they are playing the jets in the super bowl and that's only if the jets are gonna win.
thank you.
thank you.
and thank you.. anytime! this request was fun! if you want to send me something it can go to PO BOX 652 Toms River, NJ 08754
I do not have another website yet... but i reallly reallllly want one
and i'm glad i can almost make up for it... i really wish that i had more time for fun stuff like this...

i kinda wish i didn't waste this night dicking around on youtube... could have prolly gotten some laundry done... ooooooh wellllll!!!  i want to end this with a nice picture but my phone is dead so i'll take some extras for the next time =) 


  1. Extras for next time! I like the sound of that!

  2. Anon - you beat me to it.

    Everyone likes extras. And Jello.

    OHH! Ideas for your next photos are coming to me...