Monday, April 30, 2012

Customers Everywhere... And What Am I Doing??

Gooooooood Morning Everyone!!!!!   So far i've injured myself shaving, forgot my cellphone at home and was almost (but not really... 6 minutes early actually) late to work... lol... good news... got my verizon rebate card and my netflix in the mail... somehow managed to over pay my gas bill by 25$ so that's cool and the shoes i bought last week shipped on Saturday so hopefully they will be here soon...

i'm feeling very colorful today... prolly because i'm wearing neon yellow sneakers... the store is somewhat busy but no one has pissed me off yet!!! but it's only 9am... still an entire day for that to happen. 

so last week i kinda fucked up my knee... not sure how but it really hurt... instead of letting it rest and taking it easy i gave it one day and then went back to working out... i'm kinda glad i did because now it's fine and i didn't lose any of that workout momentum... i'm also feeling much tighter... lol... 

i was at Danielle's house on Saturday afternoon... apparently she's got this sexy neighbor... and he was sitting on his front porch... i made my way over to the door to check him out a little more... definitely had some muscles... must have been having good luck on Saturday because as i was getting in my car to leave he was also leaving his house... we chatted a bit... i asked him his name... i asked him if he was the kid that was helping me and Danielle get the keys out of her locked car a few years back... he was... he's 21 now... he works in AC but he won't tell him what he does... he also won't tell me his last name... he said i'm gonna have to come around again to find out... i just used data universe and instead... i noticed he had a gym bag... i asked him if he was going to the gym... he wasn't... so i assume he's either a cop or a stripper... either way... yum! 

the store is so busy today... it's making it really hard to fuck off... also my vagina is really wet today... like i can feel it dripping... lol... i get off work early today so i'm definitely gonna have to go home and take care of that before anything else... but then i'm totally going to the gym!  i'm going i'm going i'm going!!!!  

 Hottest thing written on the back of a business card ever!
 My Ass
 My Front
 Mad Breakfast Face!
 Happy Breakfast Face!

 I'd like to say asshole in fire zone but this is more like asshole parked in the middle of the road
 Just because you drive a smart car it does not make you a smart person.
 Felt like my ass looked small this day...weird
 These people parked in the fire zone... ordered food... waited for it in the fire zone... got bored and opened the door to smoke a cigarette... all while in the fire zone...
     This person was never good at following directions.

One of my Jewish customers just came in here... he asked me if i was interested in making extra money... by giving him a lap dance... privately... what the fuck??? then dropped something on the floor so i would have to bend over to get it... unreal... but funny.

and now... some videos of me playing with my boobies!!

well... i guess one video since it won't let me upload the other... so i'll just save that video for next time! 

okay so it's 11am and i've gotten nothing done... there are piles of work everywhere... time to get to it!


  1. Amazing video. I would love to be able to play with those things!

  2. OMG! That was hot! I can't wait for next time!

  3. Where is the lace?

    Your Firefighter

  4. Dayum girl too bad your video wont work, id like to help you with your wettness problem itd be nice :) also are you going to di my suggestion? Thatd really be a blog to read ;)

  5. Awesome video! I hope videos become a regular part of your blog ;)

  6. I love the extreme close up! You have an amazing ass!