Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where Has Kristina Been???

the title of my last blog was definitely the understatement of the century... work has been infuckingsane... we got the new computers in both stores ( much to everyone's surprise)... and since i'm the one who used the program for over 3 years with one of my wholesale accounts i was responsible for showing everyone else how they work, doing all the pricing and fixing all the glitches... so about a million times back and forth between the stores and a hundred million phone calls and at some points i think i was actually in two places at once.. add that to working 85 hours in 8 workdays and being too wound up to sleep i decided to give myself a little treat and go down to atlantic city for a few nights!

so now it's wednesday afternoon and i'm sitting alone in my hotel room at harrah's i'm kinda bored but i realized that it's not what i'm doing that distracts me from thinking about work but just the physical distance i am away from work... there is no fucking way i'd drive back to help them out today... if i was relaxing at home i totally would go in...

went to the spa earlier today... had a wonderful pedicure and vegged in the sauna for a bit... gonna go back in a little while and sit in the hot tub...  i always have the intention of going to the pool bar when i'm down here on wednesday nights but that never seems to work out because i fall asleep... i'm totally a morning person... staying up late is just not in my blood.
so very much into sparkles right now

big ass mirror.. i want one of these for my house... 
it cost me 12 dollars for this internet connection... i guess if i'm blogging i'm not spending money gambling... played some slot machines earlier with a voucher one of my customers gave me... i did not win... i never win. but it's fun.. i want to go over to the golden nugget and play some 1$ blackjack... can go for hours on 20 bucks and not leave with a giant knot in my stomach...

here's a few from the beginning of the week...
 there's a few things that bother me about this... 1. terrible parking job.  2. it's not a stage coach, it's a school bus. 3.  if your company is called shamrock... the vehicle should be green. there is no exception to this.
 this car has no brake lights... i had two thoughts... for such an expensive car i would think brake lights would come standard. or since the guy paid so much for the car maybe he assumed the brake lights would replace themselves.  i'm going with option number 2. either way... if you drive behind this guy it's gonna be a total guessing game.
awful... just freakin awful....
i made this sign for work... it seems to me that people are thinking they have a say in things lately... and while i have been distracted the last two weeks that is SO NOT HAPPENING.. so hopefully i made myself very clear... and of course there was me laying down the law in verbal words yesterday too... being a boss sucks sometimes...

while i was making this sign i was also contemplating some other signs i would like to hang up...

Tri-City Cleaners:  We Can Remove The Stain But Not The Shame!( this refers to when i go to tag a dudes pants and there is white shit in the fly)
Tri-City Cleaners:  Mediocre Dry Cleaning But Great Cleavage! (i've said this before but it's becoming more true lately with the nicer weather)

Old Sign: We're Not Responsible For Items Left In Pockets  
New: Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

Old Sign: Stain Removal Not Guaranteed/Not Responsible for Buttons, Buckles, Elastics, etc. 
New Sign: Too Bad So Sad   or  Don't Be A Slob  or  Not Responsible For Your Bad Purchase.

unfortunately i'll never get away with these stellar ideas... people are so thin skinned lately... and of course i was never good at being politically correct... i have, however, decided that i need to start being a little nicer to people and not be so quick to judge... i also realized the only way to implement this into my life is to just assume everyone is mentally retarded... you can't get mad at a retard.

I think someone had a pet in this room... yuck... wish this sudafed would start working soon... speaking of... to the cunt bitch at the shoprite pharmacy... you're a fucking liar... i can buy like 100 sudafeds in 1 shot.  i read the law... and further than that... i don't appreciate you looking at me and treating me like i'm running a meth lab.  if you knew anything about nasal decongestants you would know the sudafed is the best.  why would i waste my money on crap off the shelf?

i wonder if playing with my food will ever get old... prolly not! 

well... i guess i've gotten my 12 dollars worth... i'm going to the hot tub! 


  1. AC sounds so great right about now, so jealous. Enjoy the rest and relaxation, hopefully it'll help and maybe win back the $12 you spent on the internet.

    I personally think that there should be more cleavage and less cleaning at Tri City. That's just my preference, though.

    Have an awesome time, hope you come back refreshed.

  2. Sexy toes, beautiful legs an booty keep doin what your doin sweetie cause its def working...but i guess there was no tight sexy dress an sex me heels for AC since there wasnt a pic huh

  3. You are a great ass sweety

  4. Kinda missing miss kristina wondering when i get to read her beautiful thoughts an funny crazy shit again...hope its soon cause im starting to go through withdrawals lol