Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time Keeps On Slippin' Slippin' Slippin'

into the future... like seriously... too many days have gone by... i don't think i've even turned my computer on in at least 6 of them... i guess that's not a bad thing tho because i like when work is busy... it's now tuesday march 27th... i'm sitting at work... feeling a little bit under the weather... just took some allergy meds and sudafed so i should be feeling a lot better in a little while...

finally got all the shit with verizon wireless sorted out... it took about 10 more hours on the phone and yet another email... i ended up getting an 80 dollar credit on my account and by some stroke of luck i got this really nice guy in a different call center who got the buy one get one stratosphere deal done.. got my phones, got my credit and my faith in verizon (somewhat) restored... now if they could just hurry up and get 4g into my area that would be nice but i'm totally not pushing it.

i had my first training session in two months yesterday... i did waaaay better than i thought i was gonna do... totallly stoked about that!!  can't wait to really get into it again!!  time to get super sexy!!

i've got something on my mind... i used the word retarded in one of my facebook posts referring to a woman who let her child hold a way too long dog leash with a way too big dog attached to the other end of it walk down brick blvd the other day... the dog ran into the street in front of my car and almost took the child with it... i didn't hit it or anything cuz like seriously... who couldn't see that coming (besides the incompetent mother, of course) but this isn't my point.  someone actually got mad at me for the use of the word retarded.  it's just a word that describes a certain set of people. kinda like white girl, smart ass, or slut describes me. i don't get offended when people use words and i don't think anyone else should either (if used in the proper context of course). in this case... the woman clearly lacked sufficient brain function to assess and foresee a potential horrific outcome. definitely a slow or limited academic or emotional development... my real point is... why can't America just go back to the sticks and stones mentality?? labels are labels because they accurately describe people... so just accept it... nothing to be ashamed of. at all. own it. embrace it. whatever it. just don't get mad when people use the English language properly.

moving along...
everyone at the gym had to take one of these last week... i'm still waiting for the paper to talk to me... i've been very patient but this is getting ridiculous... 
i posted this picture on my facebook but i feel like it should be posted again... like how fast do you have to be going to beat the first light to then smash this hard into a car stopped at the second light... (corner of brick blvd and drum point where the two lights cycle at the exact same time)
random knife on the floor at my job... turned out to be the missing knife from the Mexicans in the back... they swear we took it and put it there... i hate that they can't accept the fact that it prolly just fell on the floor during their lunch break and got kicked over here... 

this car

threw this garbage
on the ground.

this guy creeps me out... he's actually a lakehurst customer but he's got like the worst case of O.C.D. on the planet... he will actually tell you that too... he insisted that he come to my store to pick up his shirts he dropped off at lakehurst because he needed to visit his sister... actually it was supposed to rain after 3 and he refuses to drive in the rain... he also once made a girl throw out one of his shirts because she accidentally  dropped it on the floor.  he won't hand you his pick up ticket until after he gets the clothing because if it's not ready and you touched the ticket he can't take it back because your hands aren't clean. all this shit totally blows my mind... but in the four years i've been dealing with this man i only really wonder 1 thing... what the fuck is underneath the trench coat he never ever leaves the house without wearing????? creepy shit. 
i have no idea. but good question. 
the most important person in the world drives that car. just so everyone knows. in case you couldn't tell from the V.I.P. parking spot.

so this guy comes into the store to pick up a pair of pants that were redone. he looks at them only to discover that the stain on the leg still did not come out... i asked him if he knew what he got on the pants.  he replied with a nasty tone that he does not put stains on his clothing that we did it.  i responded by saying that we do not put stains on clothes. he didn't like that answer apparently because he proceeded to tell me that he is the customer which makes him right and we did, in fact, put the stain on the pants because of this.  i disagreed by saying again that we do not put stains on clothes but we would try to get it out again for him.  he then asked to see wil. (who he thinks is in charge of me... haahahahahha... that's funny also why would you ask the tailor about dry cleaning issues???)   so wil takes the pants back in without even defending the stores position.. (not cool)...  the man also dropped off these pants
so yeah... he never ever stains his clothes... and he never thinks to make his own homemade stain stickers... ugh... i hate people... so the pants get scrubbed and thrown in the wash... came out... not only was the stain still there but the color pulled and there was a giant white ring on the tan pants... HAHAHAHAHHA.... that's easy to fix... stain never came out tho...
saw this cool ass blimp floating around over manchester plaza the other day.... never actually seen one in person before... pretty sweet... watched it for like 20 minutes... strangely very relaxing... i wanna float around... 

a lady just came in here to pick up her order... i told her that she was a day early and that it will be ready for her tomorrow after 5... she said "awww shucks... i thought it would be done earlier because it got cold."  i couldn't even help myself and said back to her "we don't really do the dry cleaning based on the weather"  lol... i really hope she didn't actually think that. 
 if this doesn't scream "i'm not interested" i don't know what does... sent this to a guy in response to him badgering me for a picture... well now you have one... perhaps you should try another method of getting people to like you instead of throwing insults and being dramatic...  
thems are looking pretty good!!  very excited!! i love tits!  haha
one thing i never want to lose... lol...

well that's it for now... time to do all the work i've been putting of for the last few hours... i'm realllllly gonna try to get more blogs in... life just seems to be flying by lately... enjoy!


  1. Welcome back and thanks for the wonderful pictures and blogs. Please keep the ass its fantastic. Im a lil disappointed there was no Tebow rant. I hate the decision but no we have to defend why he will be good. Maybe we can get ur thoughts and pics of u in green n white.

  2. You are so sexy Kristina

  3. She's back! Yeah!
    Nice steve miller reference.
    Ignorant is the word you are looking for
    To paraphrase Jackie Childs "they's spectacular!"
    Love the last pic- just the right amount of .....what i wanna see but cant. ;)

    Would love to see that ass in a maughty school girl skirt- hint hint.

  4. I agree with the skirt :) maybe an all underwear blog of pics if all ur fav and funky underwear:) jussayin
    P.s what about my previous suggestion?

  5. Remind me what was yur other suggestion?

    Hey- i'm gonna be in TR this weekend- where's a decent place for seafood down there these days?

  6. I too agree with the skirt, that would be hot!

    Also, last fall there was talk of a sexy strip tease video. Is that still in the plans?

  7. So beautiful :]

  8. I so agree w you on the Retarded thing..when did using the work RETARD or calling that really short guy that pumps gas at the GSP cheesquake rest stop a MIDGET? At what point in time did it become the politically incorrect equivalent of calling a black man a NIGGER? HMMMM??? can you tell me please???? Why can't one call a hebrew a KIKE anymore? I hate that I have to call the retards "window lickers" now. Fuck me.

  9. We need more blogs!!