Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear Verizon Wireless

this is a copy of what i sent to customer service at 4am when i woke up to see all my missing text messages from the day appear on my phone at exactly the same time... i seriously doubt that they will even care. i'm sure i won't even get a call back or anything but i figured i'd put it out there on any venue possible and maybe start some sort of revolt that will warrant a response eventually.

"i just want to let you know how disappointed i am in the service lately.  i'm sitting in my hotel room in atlantic city right now and the lack of service and horrible devices pretty much ruined my stay.  i could not make or receive a call on my device for the last 24 hours and every time i attempted to send a text it failed. then all of a sudden at 1230 i get 5 texts from 5 different people.  you expect me to believe the people i've been trying to enjoy my stay with all sent me a message at exactly 1230am? i've been on the phone with customer service for over 6 hours this month alone. i keep getting the run around and sent certified preowned devices that still don't work. i've been a loyal customer since day 1 of verizon wireless and you guys have seriously been letting me down.  nothing is easy and no one in your service center can make decisions.  no one will even give me a credit to my 4 line 300 dollar a month phone bill for my inconvenience. i guess i'm the stupid one for remaining with your company despite that fact that your are the highest rates (by far) around. i used to be able to justify it with the great service. not anymore.  i feel like every person i talk to says the same thing.  "i completely understand and i would feel the same way" i'm sick of it. how about "i'm sorry miss Kristina let me give you something of actual value to retain your happiness with our company" but no. i just get a ruined evening in atlantic city because i can't get in touch with the people i was suppose to meet no matter what i did. (including a hard reset on the device and MANUAL activation).  i would appreciate a real response from a person with real authority and not someone who will just patronize or pacify me.  i spend a lot of money with this company, please stop making me feel like i don't matter. but alas, i'm sure this will fall upon deaf ears as usual.  i would like to say call me but i'm not sure if the call will go through.  any sort of correspondence would be nice"

they limit their complaint form to 2000 characters.  i coulda used two forms.  this doesn't even include the woman who i spoke to last week from the escalation department.  she swore up and down that she would call me back at 1pm the next day to try to resolve the device problems.  she didn't.  she didn't even call by 1pm the day after.  i finally received a call from her while literally standing in a verizon wireless store on the phone with some dealer only help line called by the store owner.  the customer service guy on the phone told me that i could upgrade a line early to take advantage of a buy one get one deal. (yes i was actually going to spend money to fix my own problem at this point).  the man told me that my dealer was able to change my upgrade date.  this was not true. it's impossible.  the store owner then confronted the guy for saying it, which he totally denied. funny though because he was on speaker phone with me the entire time and not only did i hear it, the owner heard it and so did two other customers in the store.  verizon then said the only way i could do it is through their customer service department. i asked them to make an exception because not only was it completely against my own personal set of ethics to walk into a small business, use a mans resources and time then not spend money with him but it also meant that i would have to wait for yet another shipment instead of walking out with a new device that day. the person on the phone kept telling me that "we're all the same company"  that may be true but that doesn't put money in my dealers pocket and that is not fair. clearly not only does verizon not care about their customers they also don't care about small business or their own independent dealers.  it makes me sick to think that verizon is this selfish over $99.00.  probably less than half of that in actual costs.  so customer service people, you don't know how i feel so stop saying it and you don't want to find a solution that works because if you did it would be done. i'm usually not the type of person who spends this much effort on an issue but since my phone doesn't work and i can't play games on it i'll use my 4am sleeplessness to expose it all.


  1. Other than driving your car thru a Verizon window I would go to ATT with all your letters and see what they might want to do..they hate each other you might be pleasantly surprized.

    You need to rent an old Michael Douglas movie, Falling Down.. watch it...then you will understand

  2. Amen to your verizon rant and thank you for sticking up for the little guys. Im actually a dealer for verizon and i love when customer service lies to customers and says go to the store to do something. Then they get there we cant do anything for them so they get pissed at us. I have to explain to customers that the rep on the phone was only saying what he had to to make you happy and get you off the phone so if you do the survey he gets a good score. then by the time you go to a store he doesnt care anymore that you cant be helped because the score will reflect on the store since they pulled up your account last lol.