Monday, February 13, 2012

Some Stuff I Think About

sometimes i really wish i could get the precious seconds of my life back that i waste when i start to read someones status update and it just turns out to be rap song lyrics... sometimes i get tricked tho and i don't realize it's a song cuz the first "nigga" or "mother fuckas" or reference to the drug game doesn't appear til the third or fourth line... just not fair... facebook should develop a filter for this shit...

next topic... my piece of shit phone... can someone ANYONE please explain to me why my phone says it sends a picture but then the person never gets it???  where does it go?? a different variation of this annoyance would be when it just sits in the message box pending for hours... the time on the picture is always the current time and it never sends... it's just not acceptable... so an explanation or money to buy a new phone would be appreciated.  =)

everyone keeps asking for vagina pictures... not gonna happen.... gotta save something for when i get a real website... then i'll post everything... pics of my pussy... pics of me fucking my pussy with my fingers, my vibrator, other cylindrical objects... pics of me with strings of pussy juice dripping all over... maybe like one in some light colored undies with a giant wet spot cuz i'm just so fucking horny... bend over something like i'm ready to just get pounded hard... ones where i spread my lips open so you can see in... (i don't really get those ones but people ask) videos of me playing... videos of me cumming... my "o" face... naked workouts... me in the shower... me attempting to insert objects into my butthole (impossible)...

anyways... it's monday morning... the weekend was pretty boring... worked all day saturday...  didn't go anywhere yesterday except the gym and shoprite... there was this really creepy kid in shoprite... not many people make me feel terribly uncomfortable but this dude was just weird... i couldn't tell if he was a normal person acting weird or if he was one of those a.d.d. autistic teenagers that can't be controlled... his one eye was beat up looking and he had his hoodie up the entire time he was in the store.. he was singing along to the oldies station that was playing in the store but he would just repeat a couple of lines over and over... he got all up in my space a couple times too and i'm pretty sure he called me babe... it was the scariest trip down the bread aisle ever... i also couldn't tell if he was there with his family or if he was alone... he was walking in close proximity to a few people but none of them responded to him or told him to act normal... definitely very odd... good thing i forgot a few things and had to go back through the store cuz i'm pretty sure he would have followed me to my car and raped me... and not the good kinda rape either...

so my boob is coming along nicely... i think... my next appointment is march 7th... i think that's a little too long from now... i'm gonna call the doc today... i didn't even see him when they took the stitches out and the nurse was telling me things that pretty much completely contradicted what the doctor said the week before and my previous experience with this stuff... i really just don't want to end up with a funky scar or a hard boob... and i REALLLLLLY don't want to have to wait an entire month to be cleared to workout... i started doing some crunches and leg lift things... walked at an incline on the treadmill... (SO boring)...

it's 8:15am... it's pretty cold in here today but i'm kinda liking it for some reason...

i don't know why but for some reason i find it to be totally condescending when females around my age or younger than me call me "sweetie" or "hun"... why do women do this? the girl that was just in here dropped off her clothes and said "thank you sweetie" THAT IS SO FUCKING WEIRD!!!!! i don't know you... we're not friends... this isn't even a casual setting... i'm not doing you a favor and you're certainly not doing one for me... ughhhh.... the only women who can say this are old ones... little old ones... lol...

just so everyone knows... the SUPERBOWL IS OVERRRRRR.... yes the giants won... i'm SICK of hearing it... it's been a week... now shut the fuck up!!  lol... i just told a customer for his mockery i charged him double...he said that was impossible because his wife took it already... LOL.... are there any happily married people out there???

"i'd like to have this coat cleaned"
"can you make sure the buttons don't come off?"
"would you like to have them tightened?"
*blank stare/awkward silence*
am i supposed to put the coat on and place myself in the machine with it???? like what do i do here?? i'm confused... fucking cheap ass people....

i'm really busy today but time is going so slow... it's not even 10am yet... kinda hungry... i think i see my bf in the parking lot... i wonder if he would be willing to go get me a waffle from that diner down the street... that would be fantastic....

wil just told me that i missed a lady losing all her balloons in the parking lot... BUMMER!  lol...

my boss just called to tell me that he fired the girl he hired last week... she was supposed to work thursday but called out with some crazy story about her stroked out neighbor and an all night hospital stay... so she got the benefit of the doubt... she worked friday.  today she was supposed to be in at 11 but didn't show... she called and said that he never told her... riiiiight... fired.  back to the drawing board on this one... not that many women read my blog but if anyone knows any FEMALES who want part time work in manchester let me know...  it still really blows my mind how hard it is to find a quality worker... especially in a time with such a high unemployment rate... seems like we just keep getting only the unemployable... sad that no one really cares about their job anymore... 

well the rest of the morning went by pretty quick... time to shut this thing down! 


  1. Well what's up with your website than. Do u have some one to build it for you. Let me know if you need some one. I'd love to help you

  2. It's been 4-5 days... Where have you been? Post some pics since we may have forgotten what you look like after this long delay.

  3. i kinda have someone already but i can just never find the time... and i know it's been a few days but i've been a very busy girl!

  4. What gym do you workout at?

  5. We miss you, and need more of you!!

  6. I go to la fitness how about you? I knowwww it's been a while but I've been so busy with work... I'm gonna get on it asap!

  7. I go to Brick Retro and KS...

  8. Love this blog...wish your dry cleaner was closer. I have to always be greeted by a very creepy/weird/strange guy....much rather it be you! Keep the updates coming!