Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Smashing Good Time

Have you ever met a person for the first time... your eyes locked.... you got that butterfly feeling... you froze up just a little bit when they talked to you... and you tried your hardest to not say something stupid when the only thing that was going through your mind was how if you weren't at work right now you'd be following this person out to their car to smash their fucking brains out in parking lot of shoprite... without even asking them if they wanted to or not... not like rape but like... you KNOW they want it too...  ughhhhhh.... yeah that was me yesterday... holy shit... (the butterfly feeling was in my pussy not my stomach) haha... anyways... that was a fun two minutes... then the rest of the night just letting the thought linger in my dirty little mind... hehe...

so work has been going just wonderfully lately... someone asked me if my week was going smoothly and i compared it to skippy extra chunky... people have been asking my why it's been so long since my last blog... it's because i've spent the last week grinding over some business decisions that needed to be made... i hate how this shit keeps me up at night... i had to cut my girl's hours back a lot and hire a 3rd person... she's taking it personally but it's really not like that... the store needs 3 people... and she takes everything too personally... i hired a woman who actually has dry cleaning experience so it hasn't been going too badly... she's got the fundamentals... i just have to teach her the computer and where to find shit... there's a new lady down at lakehurst too... jim describes her a train wreck... i got the wonderful privilege of showing her how to close the store last night... train wreck was the understatement of the millennium... train wreck... on a bridge... over a river... which landed on a yacht... caring school children and puppies would be a more accurate description... that's a wonderful mental picture...

there was this woman at the gym last night eating a lollipop... who the fuck works out while eating a lollipop??? i'll tell you!! someone who clearly isn't there to get in shape... she prolly just wants to suck some cock... if i was in the position of hunting down some cock to suck i would take a more direct approach... like 'Hey you!  hot guy trying to lift waaay too much... you want your cock sucked??"  that's way easier...   in addition to lollipop chick there was this group of woman who were wearing the most absurd amount of make up i've ever seen... you know they weren't there to sweat... haha... i love my gym.. so entertaining...

i've decided that i need one of those personal assistant type people... but the only thing i need them for is to remember the names of people who approach me... i SUCK at remembering names... i feel like a total idiot sometimes... so basically like a person with a really good memory who can see the people before they get to me.. give me their name and a quick description of the last conversation i had with them... time, place, etc.  that would be perfect.  this is not a paid position.  haha.

well... it's 3 minutes after 8am... i can already tell this day is gonna go so slow... i'm also already thinking about how nice it's gonna be to go home and take a napper after work... gym after, of course... i changed the time i go to the gym cuz i absolutely dread driving down hooper ave during rush hour... i think i've said that before tho...

ohh it's good morning time!!!  so annoying!  haha...

moving along... got some parking lot madness!!

 i call this video "100 Balloons"

totally acceptable... i get it... you don't want anyone near your super expensive brand new car. 
Douche Bag.

i can't recall if i ever wrote about my stalker... but just in case i didn't... there is this guy that comes into my store every so often... he's not a customer.. the first time he came in here he told me that for some reason he was just drawn in by my presence and that he felt that he needed to be here at this day and time to meet me... blah blah blah... i didn't see him for several weeks til about the beginning of february when he came back in and sat on the bench for 30 minutes.  krystle was here with me but neither one of us could figure out what his actual purpose was.  he said i wasn't ready to hear it. he assured me that it was nothing of a sexual nature... this guy was like SUPER creepy... like i'd rather have someone come in and sexually harass me because i actually know what they want and i can deal with that.  so we lied and gave him fake names... on valentines day he came into the store found me and gave me this... 
quoting the bible and a cd with 14 tracks of christian love songs... FUCKING SHOOT ME!!! this guy is nuts!!! 

i've decided to post some pictures that danielle took of me a little while back... i'm still not completely healed from my surgery and i only want to post my best...

 i cannot wait to get my hair back to these colors!! i tried to have it bleached out last week and it didn't work at all!!! it's gonna be a long process but hopefully by the summer i'll have my cool ass hairs back!!! 

well... time to work!!  enjoy!!


  1. Omg I wanna lay some pipe in you , why don't u sit on my face and I'll eat my way to your heart

  2. Great blog as always...the best! Cant wait for more. Would love to see you at my gym...have you ever done a spin class?

  3. I totally feel you on the forgetting people's names. It's the worst when it's someone semi important. Like, a potential client, or someone who I will be working with. But some names I can always remember. I can tell you the name of a stripper, well, the stage name of a stripper, who I got one dance from in like 2001. One dance.

    And the pool pics are great, but in addition to reminding me that I need cooler employees here...they make me want to move to Florida, or Cali, or the Bahamas.

  4. Wow! Great pics!

    I also thought the balloon video was hilarious. Did he actually drive off like that?

  5. lay some pipe in me... lol... i like that! i go to la fitness what gym do you go to? i don't take spin classes... i'm more of a one on one kinda girl... nyexplorer... it's so bad cuz people will tell me their name and i will instantly forget it. i'm glad you liked the pictures... yes he did actually drive away like that... scarrrryyyy...

  6. Kristina, great pictures, great smile, great nipples, I think I just made a mess...gotta go

  7. you have the GREATEST lower back dimples in the hot and so perfect!

    1. Also the sexiest Achilles heal around!

  8. Damn you look good! Those pictures make me miss summer. Could you post some sexy pics of you on the beach sometime?