Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Found This Blogger Application

So... never posted anything from my cell phone before... figured I would give it a shot... I'm laying in bed right now... it's Tuesday morning and I don't have to be anywhere till about 11am... Yay!

Been making to the gym for like a week straight now... feeling pretty good too!  My trainer still thinks I'm slacking tho... I'm totally not...

This says I can upload pictures... let's try!!

Not 100% sure where the placement is gonna be tho...

Well I think that's it for now!  Have a great Tuesday everyone!!


  1. so fckin sexy you are....LOVE it!!! take more pic and post more!!!

  2. Your bed looks awefully lonely, want company?

  3. Now that's what I call a 2 for Tuesday! Looking great!
    Now where is that drooling smilie?

  4. thank you everyone! i'll be taking more pics no worries!! my bed sucks!! it's way too firm for me... the drooling smile is not for the blog hehehe...