Friday, February 10, 2012

And We're Back!

alrighty!!!!  soooo it's wednesday... it's been almost a week since i had my surgery and my boobie is looking AWESOME!!!!!   the stitches come out tomorrow and i'm realllllly hoping i can get back to work like for realz...  it has been SOOOOO boring sitting around doing nothing... sometimes i think i need a vacation but i think that 1 or 2 days off would be plenty good enough...

i haven't been able to workout in like 2 weeks... i'm going insane.... and i'm definitely gaining some weight from not being able to move around a lot... the muscles in my back are destroyed... funny that my back hurts more than my boob... actually i haven't been in any pain at all... not even on the first day... took a percocet as a precaution and ended up so fucked up i wanted to die.... i don't understand how people take those things for funsies... i just laid there dizzy as hell and kinda nauseous... so yeah... i've got 49 of them left... lol... and no i will not be selling them or giving them away...

today's mission is going to be to try to find some button down shirt that aren't ugly and ridiculously expensive... i've been in hoe-down plaid shirts all week because i can't put anything over my head yet... i feel like a fucking retard... lol... but everyone says i look fine... they are obviously lying... or blind.  this was so much easier the first time around because it was summer time and i didn't even need to wear a shirt if i didn't want to. lol.

i'm watching a kirsty alley movie right now... it's from 1995... with mary kate and ashley... haha... i suppose this is better than watching get him to the greek and arthur 5 times each... i love russell brand but i think i could do without for a long long time...

so danielle came over the other day and took some pictures of my ass... lol... i look terrible but i'm gonna post them anyway as inspiration to get in really good shape as soon as i'm allowed to!

annnnnd it's friday.... love how the days just fly by... kinda bored at work right now which is good cuz the last few days have been pretty terrible with breakdowns and call outs and idiots... 

well another machine just broke down... i guess it's time to call it quits on this blog... here's some pictures.. that look terrible...

 Supposed to keep this ugly ass bra on to keep the new boobie from bouncing...
 terribly unflattering bra...
 danielle insisted that i put this top on instead... it was a challenge...
 then she made me climb in here... cuz everyone showers in fishnets and a thong... LOL
took this this morning... still high, bruised and swollen but definitely looking good!!

so i'm allowed to go on the stationary bike with the full seat or walk on the treadmill at an incline... i'm definitely getting my squat on later today too... perhaps attempt some crunches... i cannot wait!! just no bouncing yet! 

also thank you everyone for asking how i've been!!  i really appreciate it!  =)
okay for realz... gotta go! 


  1. Thank you god ! Boo you are fucking hot:p

  2. Ps. Lose the panties in the first shot!

  3. Thank u so much for the ass shots! New tit looks great, id motor boat the hell outta them. U need to do an all nude site, cuz im sure a lot of us will pay.

  4. Looking gorgeous sweety! Glad you are feeling better too. What an ass!!

  5. Glad to see your boobs are returning to proper form, good for the community. I would like to reference your blog from one of my posts (the one entitled Tits); but i would prefer you review to see if appropriate, let me know.

    if you keep posting the pictures, then we'll keep needing dry cleaning. it's sort of a cause/effect scenario, self sufficient business model. very clever

  6. thank you everyone!! i'm so happy that it came out good too... i was definitely worried... and just hear me out.... of course you can reference my blog... doesn't matter what you write because any publicity is good publicity!! and yeah my business place is fantastic!! although it's not easy to get certain stains out.. LOL