Friday, January 6, 2012

Yay Us!!!

Soooooo I'm like totally stoked right now!!!  i just had a guy come in here and tell me how awesome i am for like 20 minutes!!!   he's one of my customers and in a separate incident found my blog through one of his friends!!!  I'm SOOOOOOO happy right now!!! it's spreading and i love it!!!  just wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog and passing it along to your friends!!!!  you guys rock!!!   =)  and there is nothing like a mid-morning ego boost!!! 


  1. Come on, you know the shit you write is entertaining! Plus it doesn't hurt that you're smoking hot too! But I am also sure the blog it's self would still be a great read even with out the added bonus of your good looks. Not that I want you to stop showing what you're working with.

  2. don't worry i'm not gonna stop...unless i grow a tail or something... (there might even be a market for that)... i'm just really excited that i had my first person that i didn't know recognize me...

  3. Make that two now!

    HOly Crap- Hotness and Funny! I'm orig from 'Jersey (Rosalind rd in Brick btw) still have family there until recently in TR and Whiting. Living up in Boston now.

    Have you got them pegged! Never laughed so hard in my life. Think I took my mom to your cleaners once- really really sorry i didn't go in with her now....and NO- didn't park in the fire lane

    I was surfing your blog when my wife asked me what i was doing...and Ya- had to hide it as I was really enjoying your pix...totally busted!

  4. this is totally fantastic!! you definitely should have came in... it's a wonderful time in the cleaners! LOL... i'm sorry i got you in trouble with the wife... but keep checking back anyway =)