Monday, January 16, 2012

Tit Bit Nippley

and here we goooooo!!!  happy monday everyone!!  it's fucking freeeeeezing out!!! everyone's nipples should be hard today!!  i had to pee but i'm pretty sure it's frozen now too... lol... the giants beat the packers yesterday so we get one more week of giants fans and their diarrhea of the mouth.... it's kinda okay tho because without a team from this region in contention it can get a little boring... ooh i just remembered i made this video a while ago about how to stay warm!!  Burrrr It's Cold In Here...  check it check it out...

so i was informed this morning that my wonderfully talented and perfectly sane and logical employee spent an entire five minutes looking around our store for a dry cleaning order on a ticket for another store... like she had the other store's ticket in her hand!! even engaged in the help of another person to look for it... ughhhhh.... with other people waiting... hahahhahahha. it just never stops with this one... it's really not a hard job...

so as i said in my previous blog i'm super stoked that my blog is getting more followers!! i've been getting requests for more pictures of course and while it may not be immediate i always get around to posting what people request!

i took some sudafed early this morning... i'm like flying high right now... i don't understand why people need illegal drugs.. this stuff makes me feel wonderful!  and it keeps my sinuses clear!  lol...

okay... the pee defrosted and of course i can't get into the bathroom... always the case... but at least it will be clean when i finally can...

wow an entire 90 minutes has gone by... prolly because i didn't do any of my normal monday morning work before i started this... lazzzzzy today...

just want to put this out there... i don't usually care if people unfriend me on facebook... but when you've been my friend for a long long time and then all of the sudden just delete me with no explanation it kinda doesn't sit right with me... so to the 3 or 4 of you... keep in mind that i have pictures of your boy parts on my computer  =)

so i've discovered something about myself... i don't like pancakes.  i like syrup... syrup is delicious... but pancakes are kinda blah... waffles are alright but i'm pretty sure anything covered in syrup would do it for me. like a big dick covered in syrup would be an awesome breakfast... doesn't even have to be big...

time is just flying today... not really much to complain about so i'll just get to the picture posting portion of the blog...

this young black guy just came in here to drop off his cleaning... he walked in right before an old man... the old man sits on the bench... after the kid leaves he says... you coulda sold that guy a pair of suspenders... his pants were literally around his mid-thigh area... lol... the old man says i wonder how he keeps them up cuz it's certainly not gravity... and the only thing i could think of was... his big giant dick keeps them up... lol... my mind is totally in the gutter today... alls i can think about is dick...

well it's 12pm already and i'd really like to finish this up but customers just keep coming in... i thought it was gonna be dead today since it's a holiday and all... oh well...

sometimes i really wonder what our customers think. 

this is the car that belongs to the worst driver in the world... here is why.  I was behind her today starting on Duquense Blvd in Brick.  She stopped about 7 car lengths before the last car at the light going onto route 70.  Not sure why she did this but since she had all that time i expected her to at least anticipate the light turning green a whole lot sooner than she did.  We almost didn't make it through the light even though we were the third and fourth cars.  Then she immediately got me again as we rounded the turn... she just couldn't decide which of the two lanes she wanted to be in.  After straddling the two for half the distance to the next red light she finally picked the left lane. I do not know why.  She proceeded to drive like she was the only person on the road. then guess what!! not only did she not belong in the left lane she needed to actually make a right turn.  but where you ask?  it was hard to figure out because she had her blinker on from the parkway exit light all the way to airport road.  that's like 4 potential rights.  yet she still didn't turn... she did, however, go around the u-turn for leisure village... and then it all made sense. 

he insisted that i should be his first fan... and that i shoulda shown more cleavage in the pic.  i agree!  elvis cruise baby!! 

as requested... some tit pics!

and 1 more... with a strategically placed soap dispenser and it's reflection... LOL


  1. Smokin babe;) we need more shots from behind boo!

  2. Gorgeous!! Great blow and even better photos!!

  3. Three things:
    1) Nice tits
    2) I have a breakfast sausage for you - I'll bring the syrup
    3) Your otherwise intelligent blog posts are ruined by the use of the trailer park word 'prolly' - is it any harder to type the full word? 'Probably' not!

    - love ya -

  4. 1. thank you
    2. please make sure it's regular syrup and not that sugar free shit.
    3. my use of prolly isn't a lazy thing... it's a word i picked up from someone who influenced my a bunch when i was younger and it kinda just stuck. i suppose if my blogs were the SATs i would probably/prolly not use it. i also will never stop my use of alls. =)

  5. If a hot guy came into the store looking for some fun, would you take full advantage of that?

  6. Awesome blog and amazing pics! Thank you Miss Kristina!

  7. i wish that was even in the realm of possibility...

    i'm glad you enjoy it!! thanks! and you're welcome!! =)