Tuesday, November 29, 2011


one of my customers just told me that it's because i'm cute that i'm not getting punched in the face right now... haha... he apparently didn't enjoy my "shit eating grin" before he even got across the parking lot when i saw him... and he even more didn't appreciate my uncontrollable laughter while he was inside the store... butttt he needed his suit... i told him he could have just went and bought a new one if he wanted to avoid the embarrassment... he is a Giants fan... LOSERS!!!!  hahahahhaha

also football related... i think i have a crush on Tim Tebow... he's kinda sexy... i wanna sack that quarterback... (my attempt at football humor)

so like... i have verizon wireless... and it seems to me that every single person who works for verizon technical support is a complete fucking idiot... i don't understand how someone who knows nothing about cellphones can get a job fixing cellphones in a cellphone store... my phone kept having an error message come up... (google services framework is not responding)  so i go to the verizon store by the home depot in lakewood... this kid starts to help me... he looks at my account... NOT MY PHONE... and says my only options are 1. a hard reset. or 2. send the phone in for warranty.  i assured him that those are not the only options... i informed him that i googled the issue and since more than just me have been complaining about it in the last 3 days there obviously is a known problem.  he looks at me dead serious and says. "you're not understanding... you only have these two options"  WRONG MOTHER FUCKING THING TO SAY TO ME!!! so i proceed to make him look like a complete fucking idiot by explaining to him that "hard reset" is not the answer to every fucking problem.... oh the screen cracked! HARD RESET... oh i dialed the wrong number HARD RESET... oh i dropped my phone into the toilet while doing lines of cocaine off the tank... HARD RESET!!!!!!  if i catch a disease can i press the HARD RESET button located on the back of my head?????  ughhhh.... like i'm not saying i'm like super important in the world or anything but don't these people realize how much of a pain in the ass it is to erase the entire contents of your phone re-download all your apps set up all your emails and accounts all over again???? they have got to right? or maybe their phones are excluded from ever having a technical problem... i would like offer some financial business advice to Verizon Wireless Corp... if the only answer you know is HARD RESET why do you employ people in your stores??? like a recording would suffice in every situation... just saying... oh and the problem with my phone was actually resolved by manually syncing my google account again.  wow... how did i find the answer?? google.com put out a response to the complaints... maybe i should get that dudes paycheck this week... they never go outside the box there... the tool in which this company provides, they never use... morons...

so yesterday i kinda learned the hard way that celery seed for burning in my throat doesn't exactly work the same way as actual celery does... but it was fun to watch my trainer eat some of it and gag too...  aside from the horrible taste and the fact that it got stuck in my throat i think it actually worked... lol... still can't figure out what i ate that caused the burning in the first place... either muenster cheese or a banana... who knows...

i forgot... scratch that... i was too lazy to think of something to bring to work for lunch today... perhaps i'll get the lunch roll special from the asian place... i hope they remember my eel sauce this time... every time i call i ask for it... every time i go to pick it up i have to ask for it again... kinda annoying... 

well 1 more hour of peace and quiet in here... i think i'll use it to watch x-files....


  1. Those 'technical' retards are there to basically transfer data from old phones to new ones and to make sure you didnt drop your phone in the toilet before they order a replacement. They basically work for minimum wage and shouldn't be relied on for real support.

    And yeah hard resets blow donkey! Just moved off of droid to iPhone and no major issues yet.

  2. Oh yeah and if I'm not mistaken you are a Jets fan. You really don't have much room to talk with dirty Sanchez under center. Just saying!

  3. i am a jets fan but we haven't gotten beat like the giants this season... losses yeah but never stomped... and i like droid phones... the screen is bigger on my phone plus the battery lasts longer...

  4. Solid point! I went to sleep by the half thankfully.

  5. I wish they had a hard reset on some things on life (like marriages, bad nights out, finanial blunders, etc. Your blog has inspired me to finally start one as well. Keep up the good work and you'll earn a video camera. :)

  6. lol... i definitely agree with that... i'm glad i could be of inspiration and i look forward to reading it... i already got the video camera but there is always a list of things i want but don't want to pay for... LOL...