Friday, November 4, 2011

A Few Quick Thoughts... And 1 Not So Quick...

i have got this really bad habit of looking at guys crotches when they are wearing sweatpants... i catch myself doing it all the time... it's like they are begging to get stared out... so it's not my fault... i just like to see the outline their cock makes... especially in light gray pants...

i've been reading a lot of articles lately where townships are actually blaming the road for all of the accidents that have been happening... lack of medians... curves... 1 lane... small shoulders... why can't they just come out with a study that says...  if you PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOU NAVIGATE YOUR 2 TON MOTORIZED PIECE OF METAL perhaps you won't get in an accident!!!!!  ????? like seriously?? it's not my fault that i hit this dude head on and killed him because there was no piece of cement in the middle saying i can't?? this society disgusts me for it's lack of personal responsibility... put your fucking cell phones down and look at the road... beyond that... any person who lets their dog roam free in their car while driving should be shot in the fucking head... dogs are even more of distraction than phones because you can't control what they are gonna do next... i read an article the other day that said a 90 year old manchester man was missing... the man has dementia and can't live alone BUT HE CAN GET IN HIS FUCKING CAR AND DRIVE!!!! and then the world is supposed to stop because the adults in charge of him don't have the balls to take this guys keys and car away???  get bent.

i might have been wrong about my theory on girls not farting... either that or my co-worker is not a girl... because alls she was talking about today was how gassy she was and how she had to go outside because she didn't want to rip ass in the store... i'm gonna go with the "not a girl" theory since girls definitely don't fart.  gross.

on thursday my doctor told me i have a perfect balloon knot... hehe... yeah i do... this was after he drew a diagram of my girl parts on a form in my file... it was obviously not to scale because my asshole was gaping... very very inaccurate... lol...


  1. Please update your blog more often. It's an entertaining read! And of course pics are always fun

  2. Lol... I will try to! I'm always so busy... I'm glad u enjoy my ramblings! Thanks!

  3. Have a good thanksgiving sexy!