Friday, November 25, 2011

Boring Ass Day

alrighty... i'm  bored... really super insanely bored... i've been at work over an hour and haven't had a single customer... wondered into the radio shack... 4 dudes sitting on the floor equally as bored... gotta work all day tomorrow too... hopefully a little less boring... i debated getting up early and going shopping this morning before work but i'm not waiting in 5 hour long lines to save less than what i make in 5 hours of working...

so i've recently discovered how easy it is to watch porn on my cellphone.. this is helpful because masturbating in bed is way better than masturbating at my computer desk... it doesn't even take that long to download... only problem is now my phone is filled with porn... i'm not usually very big on watching porn but after cruising through the youporn categories i've found that i kinda just like to see the penetration part... like my ideal thing to get off to is to see a nice clean shaved cock and balls going into a tight little pussy, also totally shaved... of course the dude has to have a nice body too... the only thing that absolutely disgusts me is when the dude cums in the chick and she pushes it out... yuck....kinda reminds me of like back washed water...  the most important thing i took from this experience is... STAY OUT OF THE FETISH SECTION!!!!  why would someone wanna watch a girl pee??  if anyone has any insight into that i'd like to know...

so yesterday was the typical holiday meal at my house... everyone came over at 2 and left by 5:15... can't beat that!  had minimal left overs too... i hate throwing food away... i actually didn't even eat that much yesterday... on top of that i did a fuck ton of sit-ups and pushups last night... i'm really done with feeling like a fat ass lately... and i need to get as skinny as possible before Christmas so i can eat cookies and not feel bad...

i'm finding the mexican music especially annoying today... having a hard time blocking it out... also there is this fucking girl i work with that i still wanna choke... i think she's actually becoming worse at her job as time goes on... like shouldn't a person  improve with experience?  i've also noticed that she doesn't comprehend a fucking thing i say... she listens but the concept always escapes her for some reason... the other day... i handed her a belt... told her red tag rush bag... guess where i found myself wednesday night... at lakehurst digging through piles of clothes and empty bags looking for this belt... after two hours of insanity... i called her and asked her to look through the work that hadn't made it over yet... she calls me back 30 seconds later ecstatic that she found the belt on top of the first bag she opened like it was fucking victory... like actually thought she was doing a good job and deserved praise for find something SHE PUT IN THE WRONG FUCKING PLACE!!!! this job is seriously not fucking hard... why can't i find a person who isn't semi-retarded???

i just went to check to make sure the open sign is on... it is... still no customers... i hope it's not one of those days where i get slammed right as i want to leave for the night... i have a very important yoga appointment to get to a 6...

i need to find a way of getting more followers... i was thinking about posting the link to this blog on craigslist... i'm gonna do it... i can totally handle a few weirdo stalkers... it will give the security guards something to do...

so something really odd happened the other day at the gym... there are about 12 elliptical machines in a row with a pillar separating them into 8 and 4.... when i got there there was 1 man two over from the left of pillar... i went to the small side and took the 3rd from the right of the pillar... 10 minutes go by and there are still 10 empty machines... this couple comes and gets on the two machines to my left... like why didn't the go to the far side where no one was??? weird... then a few minutes after that another dude came over and went to the right of me... the other 7 machines on the other side were still unoccupied... super annoying... i debated moving over the empty section but i didn't want to seem like a bitch... don't these people know proper gym etiquette??? guess not... staying there, however, provided me with an excellent view of this dude who was wearing the same workout pants as me... and his junk was totally completely showing.. he had glasses and hitler mustache... he got on the row machine and pulled on the handle so hard i thought it was gonna break off and hit me in the face... kinda like the amount of force you would use to start a stubborn lawn mower... grunting the entire time... all 10 reps... he made his way to one of those back machines where the arms pull down but they are separate... BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!!!! letting the metal hit the top every single time... i was cracking up at this point... absolutely hysterical... the people next to me didn't even notice... dudes like that should be banned from the gym.... i wanted to take a picture but i was surrounded... i'm sure given his strenuous methods he will back sometime next week for me to laugh at some more...

i've got a new obsession... with sneakers... ugly ugly sneakers... i go to the neptune outlets every sunday and try to find the most hideous clearance sneakers possible and i get them... on monday i wore "day glow" orange high tops with black skinny jeans... today i have a pair of blue suede sneakers on... since it's impossible for me to fit cute shoes into my life i've accepted that and found another way to stand out from the crowd... so if anyone has any tip on where to find ugly sneakers or wants to buy my some ugly sneakers it would be appreciated... =) 

someone just came in but not a customer... bummer... it's now been almost 2 hours... another woman just came in but she left pissed off because she can't read her ticket that says after 5... don't get mad at me for your inability to read... so it's 9:13am and still no actual customers... i have to pee again too... i could prolly get someone to pay me to watch according to the internet... gross... lol...

finally got my first customer.. mrs. rubens... ugh... "i need these slacks trousers pants for saturday" "you mean tomorrow?" "yeah thank you, thanks, thank you..." "no problem" "thanks, thanks again"  over thankers annoy me... her son is the same way... you don't need to thank me so much for doing my job... it's annoying...

and now for some photos of people parking badly...
hehe... this always keeps me entertained... this parking lot is wonderful!  lol

so i just went through my phone looking for a titty picture to post on here... i haven't even taken any new ones lately... sooooo in a little while i'm gonna go into the bathroom and see what i can come up with!! gonna watch some netflix for now tho! 

those are some nice lookin titties!  lol

this woman just came in here to drop off some clothes... i go to hand her her change but instead of putting her hand out to take it she puts her hand out to show me her ring... it was nice but really i don't give a fuck... then she takes a necklace out of her turtle neck to show me (even tho i didn't ask) and she tells me that it was used on the young and the restless... they borrowed it from her... then she puffed some weird smoke in my face from some sorta device... i hope it wasn't an airborne bio-toxin... haha...

well dipshit should be here soon so i've gotta put the computer away... (or else she will feel as if she's entitled to use one during work as well)... 4 more hours of hell to go!!


  1. Those are definitely some nice looking titties! And are starting to define too. Keep it up. Youporn is a great site. Def stay away from the fetish though. I'm working today too but this place is a ghost town. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Are was supposed to read abs. Autocorrect got me!

  3. thanks! and yeah i've been trying really hard! what do you do?

  4. Work in the IT department for a company up north.

  5. try googling x art for some high quality porn. let me know what you think

  6. IT is definitely boring on a retail day... and I'll have to check that out once I get my phone fixed

  7. I so want to try and rock your world!

  8. Anytime you want to let me give it a try you let me know.

  9. You've inspired me to show my titties on my blog too...of course, I'll have to shave them first

  10. You have amazing tits.. I want to come into the cleaners and meet you in the bathroom!