Sunday, October 2, 2011


i totally started this blog two days ago and never got the chance to finish it.... ah well... i'll just post it as is... 

please do not come in my store and make me pick apart orders of clothes because you cannot afford to pay for them all then follow it up with a story about how you're GOING ON VACATION TO FLORIDA FOR A WEEK.... stupid stupid people... then the same dude asks me when i'm getting married... you don't know me! you are not entitled to ask me shit like that... i told him i don't want to get married because i think marriage is stupid... he says why would you say that about such a sacred ceremony shit... i said "maybe because this country has basically made a mockery of "marriage" over the last couple decades eh?"  yeah he totally agreed at that point... you will not win old man...

this morning while driving to work... route 70 from brick to toms river.... this douche bag was up my ass the entire time... we got every light red but he still thought that by riding my ass i would speed up to stop at the red lights... not happening... of course at his first semi-safe opportunity he did one of those come up as far as possible behind me to pass me only to have to slam on his breaks to stop for yet another RED LIGHT!  and he wasn't even first in line... like sometime i want to get out of my car knock on their window and be like... why??? like what does that do for you? i do not understand.

i'm hoping to get out of work at a decent time today... but i just remembered it's friday and i'm sure something will make this a giant suckfest... had a bunch of visitors yesterday... my favorite was the first girl i ever hooked up with... i walked by her in the pizzaria and didn't recognize her... she then came in to my job and i figured out who she was... but what she said to me just blew my mind... "the girl who had her fingers in your pussy"  mmmm yeah she did... lol  fun times... but that was like almost 12 years ago... why was it easier for me to get girls back then???

i'm happy to report that i'm feeling much better than i have been feeling... the entire month of september was horrible for me... but my new doctor straightened that shit out!

so yesterday nick the dick told jim that i threw away 20 pieces of plastic just so i could start a new roll...he told jim he watched me do it... this was a total lie... and i'm gonna confront him about it... and try to get it on video... got the video but wil interfered... fail... ah well... he's been "ratting me out" a lot lately... except nothing he tells jim jim doesn't know about...

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