Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If I Never See Your Face Again

So... i'm not sure what changed in my brain lately but i've found myself indifferent to some situations that would normally bother me...

like... how do you go from i can't wait to see someone to i hope i don't have to see this person without a middle stage?  there's like 4 people i feel that way about right now... so freakin weird... like they didn't do anything to me and there was no falling out... i just don't give a fuck... this concerns me cuz like... i used to care a lot about these things...  maybe i'm just more perceptive of toxic people than i used to be... who knows...

i'm starting to lose all that weight i gained from the meds i was on so i'll be back to picture taking very soon... i know someone asked for a sexy strip tease video and that's next on my project list! 

i'm supposed to workout with my trainer tonight... hopefully he won't make me feel like shit this time... last week he told me i wasn't sexy anymore and that he wouldn't fuck me looking like i do... i've consulted others about this and they think he's just fucking nuts... or jealous of something... i'm sure there are plenty of good looking nicely shaped boys that would love to tear into this! lol.

 i took this picture after watching zack and miri make a porno... granny panties!
and this one i titled "kinda fat" 

someone just told me "that's my goal in life... to fuck Kristina"  so i guess i'm not that repulsive... lol 


  1. Some ppl need their eyes examined or replaced from what i see you pretty damn sexy keep up the work tho as long as u feel better who cares what lameo men think a gentleman knows what beauty is and that pic ^ is an example, damn sexy id say

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