Monday, September 26, 2011

Too Much?

probably... but when am i not over the top?  it's okay tho because judging by your reaction i will cease and desist... i may be super horny and ridiculously graphic butttt i'm not an idiot...

a jewish lady just drove her minivan up the curb and almost hit that big cement thing that holds the building up

moving along... so saturday was the complete day from hell... including this dumb bitch getting up in my face at the other store... so like... it's saturday morning and my boss informs me that the drain in the other store is clogged and he can't run the dry cleaning machine... he's waiting for a plumber... i'm at my store and it's like crazy busy but we're getting through it... around 3 after the drain has been unclogged and they have started working i head out there to get my clothes cuz no one else was gonna bring them here...
i get there and the first thing D.B. has to say is that the reason the drain clogged was because i had 3 1/2 bags of work for saturday... this obviously makes no sense and i point it out that the two have nothing to do with each other... i did make the mistake of smiling a little when she bitched about the amount of work they had.  she really believes that we all get together over here to "spite" her... i assure you that is not the case... we don't even rent space in our brains for that woman... anyways... then she starts talking to our boss loud enough for me to hear about how i'm the "maaannnaaagggerrrr" and how i should be able to "maaannnnaaaageee" my store and blah blah blah... of course i then explained to her that our customers come first and we will take in clothes for whatever day they want them for and not what's most convenient for her... this is a 6 day a week business... so then a load of clothes comes out of the machine and jim asks her which ones have to go... then the fun started...
D.B. "why don't you ask Kristeeeen your MANNNAAGGGGERRR she has all the answers isn't that right KRISTEEEEEEN the MAAANNNAAGGGERRRR?"

me:  "why don't you go and get FUCKED or something so you can be a good mood!!!"

D.B. drops her work and gets all up in my face "what did you say to me??  you're such a little twit!!"

(a lady just called here to see if her order was ready... i told her it was for wednesday and she seemed so disappointed... like she read the ticket number to me so she had to know it said wednesday on it... we don't put a due date for no reason people!!!)

Me:  burst out laughing at the twit remark "get out of my face"

she walks away and tells me to go suck a dick... i said i would love to where's your husband at???
she asks me what i'm even doing there anyway.... i explained to her that being a manager i got in my car on my time with my gas and drove here to make sure my customers got their clothes for today... cuz that's what managers do... they step into the hell pit that is lakehurst cleaners and make sure shit gets done...  at this point i'd had enough and walked away....  but i still had to sit there for another hour to get my work... awesome!!!
by the time i got back to my store it was 4pm and i was SHOT THE FUCK OUT!!!  my head was pound from a very unnecessary adrenaline rush and alls i wanted to do was stop and close my eyes for a bit... that didn't happen... the store was SOOOO busy still... people coming in one after the other all the work to sort and bag nothing was getting done... it was a giant flaming ball of awful... not sure how i didn't crash my car on the way home...

yesterday was a pretty good day... had a bunch of people over for football... very disappointing jets game... ughh they suck... but i got to experiment in the kitchen!!  decided to switch out the english muffins for those little round biscuits and made little pizzas... they came out awesome!! much crunchier than the muffin type and they were cute too!!  then danielle and i made this scampi style shrimpers but then we broiled them in the oven with panko bread crumbs on top of them... holy crap were those good! some fried rice as well and for dessert i lit some bananers on fire after making them all happy in a bath of melted butter brown sugar and rum! super yummy!!!

well it's like super busy in here today so i suppose the bitchfest will be over for now! 

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  1. alright, your weekend was worse than mine, lol