Friday, September 16, 2011

I've Been Trying To Accomplish That For Years!!!!

... and you just pop a finger right in there... - my initial (out loud) reaction to my new doctor sticking a finger in my ass... LOL... who says shit like that??? i do!  so... i'm happy to say that this little dry spell of zero hornyness should be ending very soon since i've found a doctor that knows what's wrong with me... well, what's wrong with my girl parts... i don't think there is a medical degree in the universe that can figure the rest out... i'm very much looking forward to being able to get all turned on by looking at hot guys again...

finally got a day off this week... went down to harrahs on tuesday night stayed till thursday morning... i was sick the entire time courtesy of the estrogen pills i was taking so i didn't exactly enjoy much of it... went to the spa anyway tho... got a nice massage and an awesome 60 minute long pedicure... felt great actually... chilled in the hot tub a bit and then laid by the pool for some hours... and bonus!!! actually caught myself not thinking about work a few times!!! 

i really need to find a way to be allowed to work 1 night a week at delilah's again.... i've been getting requests left and right and there is nothing i can do... =(  this makes me sad... i know it sounds crappy but i really really really HATE driving an hour to the up north clubs... plus my fan base is more local... not sure if people would be willing to travel or not... and i don't wanna risk a shitty night... ughh... why does this have to be such a fucking issue????  

well, at least now that football season has started i'll have something to do on sundays again!!  fridays and saturdays i'll still be a complete loser...

that's it for now!  leave suggestions for video/picture ideas in the comment section!  =)


  1. Ok so you found a backup plan for having a manicure.. Use the docs fingers in your ass! haha feel free to post pictures of that action

  2. How about a striptease vid? With a naughty twist at the end

  3. what kind of a naughty twist were you thinking of?