Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keep Walking Towards Me... No! The Other Me!

"I'd feel less degraded fucking for money than working somewhere for minimum wage... either way you get screwed while servicing the public..."  i'd rather at least have the opportunity to get off at work... definitely the better choice... lmao... i'm feeling kinda saucy today... and still a little bit juicy from yesterday... tonight i'm definitely taking pictures... and posting them in this blog... it's just several hours away yet...

bored out of my mind at work today... store is slow and nothing is really keeping my attention for any long period of time... i finished watched Dinner For Schmucks today... hysterical!  might be one of my new favorites...i can't get that stupid penguin scene out of my head... lol...  i suppose i could mark the 4 orders that came  in so far today or bag the 5 orders hanging here or put the shirts away but i kinda just don't feel like it...

what i really wanna do is watch porn... or make porn... i wanna make a porno in which i'm the naughty dry cleaners girl and a hot dude comes in here and asks me if i can clean his pants... so i climb over the counter and start taking his pants off exposing his giant throbbing cock... so then i give him this like ridiculously sloppy blow job where i stick my face underneath his balls and just lick and suck all the way up to the tip of his cock... at this point my pussy is sooo wet it's like dripping down my thigh (of course i'm wearing a skirt with no undies on... that's what all naughty dry cleaners girls wear) so he stands me up and flips me around and bends me over the counter and licks my juices all the way up to my pussy... spreads my ass cheeks nice and wide and just dives in... he licks and sucks on my girl parts for what seems like forever then sticks his finger inside me and makes me cum like super hard... then says to me... "okay i'm gonna go get my pants out of the car"


i'm sitting here and a dude walks in and asks if we shorten pants... i'm here all by myself and i'm like sure, just go into the fitting room and try them on... so he goes into the fitting room and comes out with just underwear on... sexy tight boxer briefs... they are most likely blue in color... then he's like i'd like to get my invisible pants hemmed... i walk over to him and get on my knees and i can see the outline of his cock through his undies... i start at the bottom of his legs just running my hands all the way up to his perfect ass i reach around the front grab on to him hard and ask him if that length feels okay... he picks me up off the floor lifts me up against the wall of the fitting room and shoves his cock deep inside me making me scream at the top of my lungs... fucking just tears me apart making me cum all over his cock while he puts his hands around my neck kissing me just as hard as he's thrusting... he pulls out of me drops me to the floor and cums all over my face... then walks to the door... i tell him that will be $8.00 (for the hem)...

either one of those scenarios is fine by me... lol... i think that's gonna be it for now... i sorta have some work to do... finish this up laterz

and we're back... wouldn't it be hot to get my pussy eaten while eating a giant juicy peach?  i think so!
anywho... ugliest underwear ever pics!!

for real... those are the ugliest undies EVER!  lol... followed by the nicest boobies... LOL...


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  2. Omgg i just friend requested u on fb..i love ur blogs very enternaining and tthe pics of u just put the cherry on the cake..i just got blue balls

  3. Thanks I'm really glad you like it! Check back for more updates!! :) sorry about your balls...