Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holly Has Left This Particular Building

since everyone has been asking i've decided to make an official statement about why i will not be working at delilahs toms river anymore... i had this deal with one of the managers there that i could just show up and work on his shifts whenever i want.  this worked out for me because as everyone knows i work a fuck ton of hours at the cleaners and i don't always know what my day will bring me making it hard to make a solid booking for dancing. it worked out for the manager because when i go there i actually work.... i have some statistics to back that up... i worked in the last two weeks 2 nights totaling 7 1/2 hours... in those 7 1/2 hours i did:
3 full vip rooms @ $100.00 each for the club
3 half vips @ $50.00 each for the club
14 lap dances @ $5.00 each for the club
4 customers that they would not have gotten had i not posted on facebook that i was working @ $20.00 each
tipped the waitresses $10.00 and the DJ's $35.00

add that all up... so that's $600.00 directly to delilah's in 7 1/2 hours  and another $45.00 to their employees...

so mid-way through my second night of doing this the manager calls me into the office and lets me know that unless i work 4 (FOUR) full shifts a week which includes one shift up in sayreville i can no longer work there... BULLSHIT i say... haven't they ever heard of a part time employee??? and not for nothing me working 1 day a week and not sitting in the dressing room (which has cameras in it now b.t.w. ya know the place where non-dancing employees also get changed and people check their tampons and wipe their asses) complaining about the money i'm not making because all i do is sit in the back and smoke but instead talk to the customers engage with them... get them to spend money... guess that's not the type of dancer they are looking for.  aside from that... as previously stated dancing is not my full time job.  i work at least 50 hours a week managing a store. dancing isn't my lifestyle like most of the girls there it's just something i do for extra cash.

now don't get me wrong i would never ever judge the girls there for doing what they do for a living (some of the coolest people i've ever met, actually) but i think it's unfair to group every person that walks in the door into that category... i'm actually still trying to figure out what the actual problem was... i really don't think a girl complained seeing as i have a good relationship with the ones i do know... so that leaves one of the other managers... who doesn't like my boyfriend (who also spends money in the club).

beyond ALL of this i've been dancing at delilah's since 2003... that's like 8 years... in 8 years i've never called out, been late to work or even late to stage.  i've never gotten into a fight with another girl, never done drugs or even had a sip of alcohol.  i respect the management and their dumb rules... i've never even paid a fine.

what really upsets me more than anything is that i finally found a way to make some extra cash and it's something i LOVE to do but it got taken away from me. for no good reason.  

Got to talk to Mr. No Shirt again yesterday... unfortunately i had to take him down a peg or two when he told me he is a die hard Giants fan... i told him he was almost perfect... so close... also gonna have to rescind my invitation to lick his ass... now the most he gets is a solid tonguing of the balls... and even sick as a dog he still looks sexy as hell...

So it's Tuesday morning and it's fucking cold out... i'm hoping to get like a few more summer like days out of this year... not that it realllly matters since i won't be getting a vacation anytime soon...

i know i promised ugliest underwear ever in my last blog but i really just haven't had the time... plus i feel fat... but i've been back in the gym a few days now and i'll be taking those pics soon! also ones of my ass (as per request)  =)

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