Friday, July 29, 2011

I Think I Have An Underwear Fetish

i LOVE to look at nice bodies in underwear... like girls or guys...  girls in thongs or like those boy cut undies... boys in like those fitted boxer briefs... i like to see the outline of a cock just chillin in there... lol... or like when the tip of it is just popping out of the top... lol... i guess this is where my mind is gonna be all day... not a problem tho seeing as yesterday was a complete... no i shouldn't say complete... 23 hours and 40 minutes of a fail... 20 minutes was very very satisfying... =)   anyways...

so i've been driving around with a rejected inspection sticker for some time now... (since last october)... i take it back to inspection last week and they give me this print out that says i failed for P0410... that's the secondary air injection pump... another code (P0741) came up as well but it wasn't in the failed for section of the print out... it's the torque converter and has nothing to do with emissions...  yesterday i paid 350$ to have the pump and hose completely replaced... it's working perfectly perfect.  so i bring it back to inspection after putting 40 miles on it... they fail me again because the system wasn't ready... i need to drive more miles... the check engine light is still off tho so that's a good sign...  i drive around a bit and just around 75 miles the light comes back on... i'm thinking... okay that's just the torque converter code because i know it's broken and i know i didn't fix it... but i did fix the ONE thing the print out said to fix... back to inspection... FAILED... but not for the same reason as last week... this week i failed for the torque converter code even tho it passed in the SAME EXACT CONDITION LAST WEEK... now i'm starting to lose it... i ask the lady how it's possible for the computer to think it was okay last week but not this week when NOTHING CHANGED?  she gives me the standard government worker answer... "i just plug it in the computer tells me what to do"  has anyone ever seen that episode of the X-files where the computers go crazy and tell the people to kill... Kill...KILL??? i wonder if she would listen.. prolly because people there are incapable of forming their own thoughts... so they refer me to the manager... who's standard answer is. "ma'am, you're gonna have to take it to a certified auto repair facility for that answer"  so let me get this straight i ask him... your computer system doesn't make logical sense but instead of asking the people who work here i should ask the dude in the shop down the street? wow... so then i dig a little deeper into the guy and ask him how i could fail for one thing fix it and fail for something else the next week that was wrong the first time around... he didn't know... so i freaked the fuck out on him... asked him how he could have manager written on his chest if he didn't have the fucking answers... i'm a manager of my store and it's for damn sure i know the fucking answers... he then told me that NO ONE IN THE BUILDING WAS ABLE TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS... i asked them what the fuck they get paid for? he didn't know the answer to that either... he referred me to the customer service hot line...and then told me they prolly wouldn't know the answer either... i might call them right now... and record it.  

well that was fun... the video lags behind the voice part but whatever... it's still pretty funny..." i don't wanna say the computer doesn't make mistakes... but it doesn't"

kinda reminds me of those Japanese movies where it's like the voice over... lol...

moving along... just got into an argument with Nick because he tied a fucking giant sign for a circus onto the front door... we may be a circus in here but we're not a fucking billboard... plus he was blocking the sign with the store hours on it and the fact that we're open.  i really fucking hate him... he should get a government job... anyways i ripped the sign off the door... now he can't hang it anywhere... LOL.... fucking circus...

pic of my tits to make up for the ranting... fair trade eh?  

also if anyone wants to send me their underwear pics that would be nice  =)


  1. Yep the pic was definitely a fair trade, lol

  2. "pic of my tits to make up for the ranting... fair trade eh?"

    I feel confident I got the better of this deal. I'll owe you one.

  3. i like being owed something.... lol