Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Be Careful What You Ask For

boy:  send me a hot pic

 lol... pretty hot if you ask me...

what an interesting day this was... left work at 230 today... came home and did nothing... well kinda nothing... webcams are the greatest invention on the planet... LOL...

krystle wants me to go to church with her on sunday... NOT FUCKING HAPPENING !!!
she claims it's funny to watch... now i'm sure there is much comedic value in watching black women fall over while praising the lord but i'm also sure the walls would melt the second i walked in there... like seriously... church is scam.

i'm feeling quite frisky today... i'm supposed to go workout with my trainer in a little while but i think my time would be better served... fuck he just texted me... like right this second... ughhhh... this is such a hard decision... i guess i should just go... i need a shower first... i feel dirty... prolly from all the masturbation...

one for the road


  1. just came across your blog, i'm impressed, not just by this most recent pic (absolutely beautiful) but by the way you tell your stories and rants. very funny, i look forward to reading more.

  2. thanks! glad you enjoyed it! read on and keep checking back!