Saturday, May 28, 2011

That Question Should Burn

"what's your phone number?"  "08701" "no, your phone number?"  "ooooh you want my phone number" "yes" "do you need the 732 part?" "no" (even tho you already said it) "okay 732-364-2124"  why do people think giving me their zip code would be helpful?  half my customers have 08701 and the other half have 08755... that would make for some pretty terrible order finding...

also... why do people get so mad when i'm trying to put them into the computer... i need to know 3 things... last name, first name and phone number... every mother fucking time the asshole on the other side of the counter says something stupid like... "oh what are we at the bank?"  "oh do you need my blood type too?"  "oh are you writing a book?"  like seriously?? is it unreasonable to ask for name and phone number?  aren't you leaving your shit here? want me to just throw it up there under another person's account? fucking retarded idiots just keep your mouth shut...

had a guy this morning bring in 21 shirts all on hangers... buttoned too... stood there and waited while i took each one off the hanger... didn't even bother to help... then on the last shirt he's like... "oh i guess that makes it harder for you huh?" 

why do people wait til after i'm done writing their order to need it for a special day?

why do old people think it's okay to fart on the bench?  go outside and fart.

i'm gonna go get lunch now... and then a pedicure...

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