Sunday, May 8, 2011

Laundry Day.

are you fucking kidding me??? do you think i'm stupid or something??? perhaps that i cannot read a calendar or every single facebook post there is this morning INCLUDING MINE BY THE FUCKING WAY!!!!!?????  i figured since i've BLOCKED you from my facebook and told you not to call or text me which you seem to still do anyway that this chunk of uselessness should be posted on the only place you can still see cuz i don't know how to block you from it.  LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!! YOU DO NOT GET TO BE IN MY LIFE!!!!  so what my mother is crying that's YOUR fault.  now she's not gonna get a call at all from me just to SPITE YOU!  REMEMBER WHEN I SAID THE NEXT TIME YOU TRY TO CONTACT ME I WAS GONNA GET A RESTRAINING ORDER??? DON'T FUCKING PUSH ME!!!!!!!
not for nothing i called her on her birthday she didn't even seem interested in talking to me and i didn't like the way it made me feel... why should i go out on a limb and sacrifice my own comfort for someone who clearly does not appreciate mine unless it's a fucking national holiday... it's sunday may 8th.  my day off and laundry day... i don't have time for this bullshit.
if you think i don't appreciate my mother you're fucking wrong.  my mother means the world to me but i just can't bring myself to be near her because of the proximity to you. you violated me and i will NEVER EVER let you have the peace of mind of me forgiving you. you don't deserve it.  you think you can guilt me into by telling me she's crying??? are you kidding??? it's 951am i'm barely out of fucking bed yet... a little too quick on the draw there... so now... when it's 10pm and there's still no call you can tell her why. way to go.

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