Monday, May 30, 2011

JATO Is Defintely A Word...

which got me something like 50 points on Words With Friends... even tho it's apparently an acronym... but whatever mr. nameless opponent... i beat you fair and square with my jet-fuel assisted take off... it would even be fair to say that i blew you away... that was a half-stupid attempted at a pun... i think it's a pun... i just googled pun... and simile and metaphor... so i'd say it's a pun... now that i've acknowledged you in my blog on this topic can you please stop being a baby and rematch me at Words With Friends so i can undoubtedly light that shit up again (another stupid pun)... cuz ya know if you don't i'm gonna suggest they change the name to Words With Pussies

moving along... i sometimes wonder why it makes me SO FUCKING HAPPY when i get every dish into the dishwasher... lol... i am dumb...

i went tanning today... i'm trying to decide if i'm getting any darker... so i took some before and after shots...
For Funsies

seems like quite the waste of money eh?  

anyways... i got new shoes today!!!! 
and this is what a tupperware cabinet should look like...

i think that's enough randomness for one day... words with friends me... anitsirkssecnirp   i will set you on fire.

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