Monday, April 25, 2011

Change of Format

so far this day is far to weird for status updates... as i already wrote on fb the guy marcus who i would imagine works in this plaza somewhere... i suppose i'm gonna have to find someone to walk me to my car from now on... hiring will begin for that immediately... this is not a paid position.

"inner dark tractor beam of lust and filth"  would be my favorite thing someone said to me so far today.... or maybe it was hot garbage guy referring to himself as awesome... no no... maybe it's this complete stranger who is trying to fuck me even tho there is zero chance that's ever gonna happen...

i should really stop being surprised by these things but just when i think i've heard it all someone else follows up with something even more fucked up than the last...

holy crap it's 1130 already... must be busy today...  why do people come in here to ask me what time the pizza place opens at? this is a dry cleaners... i don't make pizza... perhaps maybe i'm gonna start going into random stores and ask the people there random questions about other businesses...

"are you paying now?" "yes" "3 dollars and 60 cents" "how much do you charge for that?" "3 dollars and 60 cents" "oh"

just so everyone knows... "get my dick wet" sounds gross... and grossly 1 sided... not something you would ever want to say to a girl and expect to get laid.   and if it works for you... you're not fucking quality pussy. 

i think i might be done for the day...  thanks Anthony for getting my video camera to work =) you're so good you should be asian... and sometimes black.


  1. your video camera works now!? PROVE IT ;)

    p.S I created this acc specifically 4 u.

    can you say brownie points? mmmmHHMmm

  2. any particular video you would like to see? and i would imagine you're not gonna tell me who you are?

  3. I am not sure exactly, there are soo many ideas going through my head. I'll let you choose and maybe we can take it from there.

    The only thing I don't like however, is the fake porn star bs (hugee turnoff when it seems fake or scripted).

    As far as who I am... I can't just tell you, where's the fun in that?