Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't Wear Shirts With Your Name On It

cuz then some crazy stripper might try to facebook you....

i'm finding myself meeting the most interesting people in the strip club lately... this dude i danced for tonight... totally awesome and he sells hot dogs on a corner in the city...  I LOVE HOT DOGS!!!!! i cracked my swipe card in half then told everyone i broke it on his giant cock... lol... i would totally make the best wingman ever... need pussy? come to me... i'll get you laid. haha.... for a fee of course....  pussy broker... ha

anywho... after yet another interesting convo... i will be waiting til july for the iphone 5 to come out... unless of course my piece of shit phones break before that...

so these 3 dudes come in and sit in the back of the club... like pretty much as far away from the stage as possible... they claimed to be male strippers... they looked like something off an episode of the jersey shore... retard edition... they absolutely REFUSED to spend a single dollar on any of the girls there because 90% of the women that watch them dance don't tip... BULL SHIT!!!  i've been to male reviews... women spend waaaaaaay more money then men do... so after making them feel like shit for a few hours i informed them that perhaps they should get in before 9 next time when there is no cover... this way they don't have to spend any money at all.... cheap....

i'm fucking tired... but i also smell like cigarettes.... but i don't feel like washing my hairs... but i prolly should... blah blah blah... i'll just pay someone to do it for me tomorrow... lazzzzyyyyy.... lol

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  1. so what goes on in the vip room. i used to have a gf that worked there and she would never tell me. i want to get it but i dont want it to be a waste of money. i have a funny story about the vip room when i was there for work once