Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Work. Work Out. Work It." or "Quit Your Shitty Cheese Job"

so i quit my job... last day = friday.... i made this official yesterday... my boss was like super pissed at me but as it turns out i think he was actually sad.... or something not anger... kinda makes sense tho seeing as this would be the longest relationship i've ever been in in my life... i guess it doesn't really matter in what capacity it still does hurt a bit...

moving along... i'm gonna start working at delilah's again... i need to get my life in order and i need money for that.  i'm tired of being dependent... i used to pay my own bills and support myself and i've lost all that somewheres along the way...  and of course the fact that i always loved being naked on stage.  since i've left they gave away my dancer name... (this was actually only a few weeks ago)  i'm undecided if i should pull rank and take it back or just change it all together... i guess i have a few days to figure it out...

alrighty... i'm fucking bored.... these are the times i'm happy to be getting outta here... my boss is moving through the stages of grieving quite quickly... now we're on to depression... he called me all like... i really wish you didn't have to leave... are you gonna be okay.... i find it interesting that my initial thought this morning was dead on... not that it makes me happy...


  1. any luck getting a new camera? and what are your youtube/facebook links?

    and what is your name gonna be if you get a new one?

  2. nope... haven't gotten it yet... can't afford it... lol... that's my youtube channel... the videos that can't be on facebook are here but the videos with copy right issues are on my facebook!/video/?id=501487829 enjoyyyy!

  3. and i got my old name back... cuz i'm the only holly allowed there =)

  4. if you need a camera let me know i have a couple hd flips that im not using