Monday, February 28, 2011

Naked At Work This Week

I might go in tonight (monday) the money is never good but i'm just sooooo bored....
Wednesday 7-2
Thursday 7-2
Sunday 7-2

i'm supposed to be working at the cleaners on Saturday but i'm not 100% sure of that yet.... so much fucking drama there... it's actually worse than a strip club with 15 girls all on their periods at once...

i was planning on sleeping in the morning but that got ruined around 6:22 am when the incoherent screams of my neighbor woke me up... little fucker actually hit a cop... well, according to my other more nosy neighbor... why can't this shit happen in the middle of the day... or maybe even when i get my video camera... (still need one of those... 4 people have said they were gonna buy it for me but so far NOPE)

if anyone is still ACTUALLY serious about buying me a camera... you can just mail me a gift card to best buy... i'll give you the address upon request... keep in mind this site supports video blogginggggg  =)


  1. i can send you a hd flip cam if u want one.
    u should go on or during the day. u would rule the site

  2. i'm actually looking for something a little better than a flipcam... lots of features and stuff... what kinda sites are those?

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