Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Lost My Underwear But The Cops Found Them" or "BUT IT WAS A DYSON"

last night = crazy

but waaaay much fun...

i'm trying to figure out the percentage of manchester cops that have seen me naked... lol... funny. i think i officially do not have enough fingers to figure it out... yay me!

anyways... thank you so much for find my missing underwear... i lose them allll the time but never like that...

there was this dude at the stage last night named Doug.  (i think)  over the course of a 20 minute stage set and 2 lap dances we got married had 8 kids broke up got back together he complained i didn't love his 9 kids from a previous marriage i called him a douche he called me a bitch and then i hated him for buying me a vacuum cleaner for christmas... it was... without exception the funniest convo i've ever engaged in while being naked... ever.   i introduced him to the bouncer as my ex new husband and as he's exiting the lap dance area he screams... BUT IT WAS A DYSON!!!! in response to my disgust with my christmas gift... WHAT THE FUCK right?????

anyways... it's 844pm on thursday... i'm fucking bored... i made some chicken legs... i'm going back to my original theory on chicken:  it's gross.

i could really use something to do right now...

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