Saturday, February 12, 2011

At 6:01PM On February 11, 2011

841-0609: Your an asshole .

Me: What you actually meant to say is... YOU'RE an asshole...

841-0609: You dont even know who i am so dont even go there with me !

Me: No shit I don't know you... but i do know bad grammar...

841-0609: Oh wow u think your cool...

Me: Wrong you're again... you don't learn do you?

841-0609: Um excuse me you make no sense.

Me: If you're gonna insult me at least do it with the proper form of the words... just sayin... you said "you think your cool". That is incorrect. It should say... You think you're cool?

841-0609: Okay honeslty... its called txting your not supposed to use "proper" wording kay? and you dont even know who this is

Me: I don't care who this is... how ya like them apples?

841-0609: There great up ya butt

Me: THEY'RE great up my butt!! Geez... go back to school...

841-0609: Umm how about you go back to school because no one that texts uses proper grammar !

Me: Cuz they are too stupid and lazy... full keyboard = proper grammar.

841-0609: Not really honestly i know alot of ppl that use proper grammar... but for school

Me: Oh perfect... brain cells are only necessary to pass through school but not for use after... pathetic.

841-0609: Okay who the hell are you... you don't act like this in school

Me: I don't go to school. Perhaps u have the wrong asshole

841-0609: Actually you do.  And trust me i have the right asshole

Me: I'm definitely NOT in school... I'm not 17

841-0609: Okay im really sorry but im texting thhe wrong person i feel really bad ! Sorry about that i copied the number down wrong

Me: Lol... riiiight.... well... have a good night! Hope you find ur actual asshole. =)

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