Friday, December 31, 2010

"Old Habits Die Hard (but sometimes not at all)" or "You're Like A Herpe With The Way You Keep Popping Up"

before we get into the actual blog... i'm sitting at work right now looking through nude pics on my laptop while Wil and his friend are discussing their evolving relationships with God or god... whichever offends you less i suppose... LOL

back to business...

the same night Danielle painted me like a life size much skinner version of my BIGGEST enemy, Melissa the Fat COW bitch... we also did this too... it didn't take us as long as we thought it would and we didn't even need all the Skittles i bought... (there is still an entire unopened bag if anyone would like to take them off my hands)

i'll also sell the ones that were glued to my body with cake icing for a large amount of money... jusssstttt kidding!!! we tossed those out....

 first the skittles had to be sorted...
 then the icing had to be painted on...
 then stop and smile for the camera...
 finished product!
 taste the rainbow and junk!
 don't forget the pot of gold!!
 different positions are always fun! 
 missed a spot!  oops!  lol 
 well... time to get up but i don't wanna stain my blanket... or touch the freezing cold kitchen floor!!  burrr
obligatory raunchy spread wide open shot... but i don't do raunchy... 

so that was a fun fun time... it wasn't even that hard to clean off! 

<3 you

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